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2016-12-19 Oracle - Upload Image into table:

Hi Natrajan,    In your procedure, your line:    src_file := BFILENAME ('image_dir', p_image_name);    should be reading    src_file := BFILENAME ('DB_IMG', p_image_name);      where DB_IMG is the variable

2016-12-06 Oracle - Oracle:

Hi Gaurav,    Sorry for the late reply.    Since Oracle and SQL developer area has become more coomon now, in order to get a better job you must try to explore specific areas which have high demand like

2016-10-31 Computer Certification - Computer Certification:

Hello Roque -     your best option is looking into your local community colleges, many of them offer 'intro to computers' or 'computer repair' classes, in addition to some higher tier training as well


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