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2016-08-27 Cooking for Parties - Cheesey hashbrown potatoes for 350 people.:

I did not get the attachment.  Here's a wonderful recipe that I've adjusted for 350:  "Cheesy and delicious, this hash brown casserole has a crunchy topping."  Ingredients  25 (2 pound) packages frozen

2016-07-25 Cooking for Parties - Lasagna for 250 people recipe:

I'm afraid that without the recipe, I can't help you.  I have authored thousands of recipes and have no idea which recipe you are talking about.  I do know that there's NO possible way that you can make

2016-07-04 Cheese - Cheese:

Hi James,    You've asked three questions...    1)  Yes, it will go bad; not every cheese is made with mold(s) added.        Time and temperature cause living things to die. Your cheese is a living thing


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