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2017-03-29 Thermodynamics - Detecting Poisonous Solids and Liquids.:

Hi Prashant,    For every known poison there is a specific chemical/biological/radiological test which will reveal the poison. Each poison has its own specific test method. However to test for all of these

2017-03-25 Thermodynamics - Metals Corrosion.:

Hi Prashant,    Metal corrosion is a vast and complex field of study and occupies much of the work in a degree in metallurgy.    As a general rule metals that react with oxygen from the air (e.g. iron)

2017-03-21 Thermodynamics - Luminous intensity of Chandelier.:

Hi Prashant,    Yes we can. Sports that are played under artificial lighting, both indoor and out door, have minimum illumination standards.  These are measured at pitch or floor level and are an average

2017-01-02 Thermodynamics - Elevators in Naval and Cruise Ships.:

Hi Prashant,    I understand that in modern ships they use inclinomters to detct adverse motion and this switches the lift-motor off, temperarally, once a certain safe angle has been exceeded. Huge elevators


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