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Tips on Buying Cars

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2016-09-05 Tips on Buying Cars - New car problem!!! Advice needed!!:

I am sorry you are in such a predicament.  The dealer probably isn't liable at all under the law, if at all it would be Ford Motor Company. If you were going to go after the dealer legally, you would have

2016-08-31 Used Cars - Reply to your answer of my previous post:

SEE MY OTHER ANSWER ...AS  far as leasing is concerned since you appear to like to change vehicles every 4 years or so ...which makes sense with your dynamic ever changing family make up. One important

2016-08-30 Used Cars - Buying a car and trading in:

OK here is the plan:    You definitely need to immediately file the claim with your insurance co. Go find the highest estimate you can find from the best body shop in town and submit it with your claim

2016-08-30 Used Cars - Buying a car and trading in:

Hi Marisa thanks for the question I'm traveling between Eugene and Portland at the moment however if you could answer a couple questions for me it will make it easier to respond to your question.    What

2016-08-15 Tips on Buying Cars - Contract signed but did not leave with car.:

Wow ... Yes you are correct ... There is no contract until you drive your new car off the property. On top of that they need to give you your $500.00 back. Asap. What they were doing was just trying to


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