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Tips on Buying Cars

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2016-10-13 Tips on Buying Cars - Car Loan Question:

Dammit,    I didn't see this updated question till just now ...Do you still need this info...I will look for your reply and can respond immediately. There are some things you need to know about how Hyundai

2016-10-11 Tips on Buying Cars - Car Safety Help:

John:The size of a car is the way you perceive it.  I drive a small car,but to me it is safe.   To some,a larger cars is safe,especially the SUVs.    Granted,larger car take much more impact,with less

2016-10-11 Tips on Buying Cars - Car Safety Help:

John:First question:All cars though the NHSA are done with same size class of car.(Honda Fit vs.Nissan Versa,for example)With the tests there is no rating with a different class comparing each other.

2016-09-05 Tips on Buying Cars - New car problem!!! Advice needed!!:

I am sorry you are in such a predicament.  The dealer probably isn't liable at all under the law, if at all it would be Ford Motor Company. If you were going to go after the dealer legally, you would have

2016-08-31 Used Cars - Reply to your answer of my previous post:

SEE MY OTHER ANSWER ...AS  far as leasing is concerned since you appear to like to change vehicles every 4 years or so ...which makes sense with your dynamic ever changing family make up. One important


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