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2017-02-21 Auto Insurance Claims - Responsible for claim?:

Simple answer is YES.  The insurance follows the vehicle, not the owner, so it does not matter who the actual owner is.  If it is in an accident and there is a policy of insurance that covers it, then

2017-02-14 Auto Insurance Claims - Some cars not insurable?:

Hi Mark,    Your friend's comments are perplexing.  Why would he have to pay $7500 to get rid of a car?  As to the comment, he "couldn't get" collision insurance."  Technically, you can always GET collision

2017-02-13 Auto Insurance Claims - rental reimbursement:

Thank you for your question Lany!    First of all I am not an attorney nor any longer a licensed claims adjuster so what I state is not to be construed as legal advice but only my knowledge and recommendations

2017-01-27 Auto Insurance Claims - auto insurance claim:

Thank you for your question Kebhesha.   I am not an attorney and as such I can't offer you legal advice but I can lend you my thoughts as a past claims adjuster who investigated many similar claims.  


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