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2016-11-08 Auto Insurance Claims - Length of time to settle, subrogation, attorney fees, Dr. Settlement, J.D.:

Dear Maria,     Many thanks for allowing me to give you my opinion.  My only regret is I had left my wife’s home in Alberta and was en route to my other home near Seattle, so I am sorry this took a day

2016-10-29 Auto Insurance Claims - 're:theft investigation:

Hello,    This is one of our specialties and we are extremely successful in these matters. First, you need to understand the situation. This is where you may not realize it yet, or maybe you get a hint

2016-10-11 Auto Insurance Claims - My car insurance has gone up --:

Insurance rates can be affected by so many factors it is ridiculous.  I am going to meet a friend of mine tomorrow and he is an actuary.  I worked with him for years.  There is no way to know why your

2016-10-01 Auto Insurance Claims - RV Totalled:

John, sorry for the delayed response, I was out of internet range.  Anyhow, I must say that there is no possible way for me to assist you through a forum like this, there are simply too many questions

2016-09-23 Auto Insurance Claims - Car previously totaled by insurance:

The rules regarding salvage titles are what will govern this case.  When it is someone else's fault and they have insurance, then the law that governs is not the insurance contract law, but the general


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