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2017-03-17 Auto Insurance Claims - Motorcycle damage:

Hi Marcy,    This should not be a claim against your policy at all. Your claim is against the tow truck company and is therefore a 3rd party claim. You insurance company may pay the repair bill but that

2017-03-16 Auto Insurance Claims - Car stolen forensic locksmith claims my key used last:

Hello,    Unfortunately, your situation goes on every day throughout the country. Many do not experience the criminal charges, but they get the insurance claim denials.  I am going to be blunt here. I

2017-03-13 Auto Insurance Claims - Third Party Auto Claims Settlement: ACV or RC?:

I'll answer your questions with the understanding that I am not giving legal advice.      On one hand, as you mention, a policy of insurance is a contract, and the terms of the contract apply as to how

2017-03-12 Auto Insurance Claims - Car:

Hi Renaye,    Unfortunately, there is no easy answer here. The only way to determine liability is to take a statement from all drivers, examine the damage to both vehicles, question any witnesses and then

2017-03-09 Auto Insurance Claims - Total Loss Settlement:

Hi Nate,    You are under no obligation to provide the bill of sale. It does not matter what you paid for the car. What you are owed is the market value of the car on the day or the loss. If they persist


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