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2016-09-23 Auto Insurance Claims - Car previously totaled by insurance:

The rules regarding salvage titles are what will govern this case.  When it is someone else's fault and they have insurance, then the law that governs is not the insurance contract law, but the general

2016-07-22 Auto Insurance Claims - RV water damage:

Debbie,      Sorry for the delay, I was out of the office for a bit at court.  Anyway, so accidental discharge is typically covered, but maintenance items are not covered.  These are tricky claims.  I

2016-07-22 Auto Insurance Claims - Auto Damages Tree on Property:

One cannot invoke the appraisal clause when the insurance company is not their own insurance company, the only option is suit.    If it were your own insurance company, you would be required to invoke

2016-07-22 Auto Insurance Claims - Auto Damages Tree on Property:

Glen, this is a common type of argument.  Insurance companies feel like they are the authority on determining value.  When one works as an adjuster for an insurance company, the company invariably attempts

2016-06-28 Auto Insurance Claims - Deductible d4:

Hello Paula,     You must check the policy. It is often the case that it is waived in that situation, but the correct answer is right in your policy.     Also, it should the at fault policy that pays,


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