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2017-03-29 Auto Insurance Claims - Hospital settlement:

Dear John,     I need some information--first, what state are you in?  I know that in Washington, there is no way a hospital could do that--and part of the reason is our state insurance commissioner having

2017-03-17 Auto Insurance Claims - Motorcycle damage:

Hi Marcy,    This should not be a claim against your policy at all. Your claim is against the tow truck company and is therefore a 3rd party claim. You insurance company may pay the repair bill but that

2017-03-16 Auto Insurance Claims - Car stolen forensic locksmith claims my key used last:

Hello,    Unfortunately, your situation goes on every day throughout the country. Many do not experience the criminal charges, but they get the insurance claim denials.  I am going to be blunt here. I

2017-03-13 Auto Insurance Claims - Third Party Auto Claims Settlement: ACV or RC?:

I'll answer your questions with the understanding that I am not giving legal advice.      On one hand, as you mention, a policy of insurance is a contract, and the terms of the contract apply as to how

2017-03-12 Auto Insurance Claims - Car:

Hi Renaye,    Unfortunately, there is no easy answer here. The only way to determine liability is to take a statement from all drivers, examine the damage to both vehicles, question any witnesses and then


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