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2017-02-22 Oncology (General Cancer) - Luekemia:

Hi. Sorry for late response. Usually I respond in 24 hours but I forgot to respond to the earlier mail. Please send me the latest CT scan(plain or contrast. Preferably contrast CT) report on my mail medlifeasia@gmail

2017-02-22 Urology - catherer:

Howard    I am not sure I understand your question, but when intermittent catheterization is done properly, the infection rate us low; less than 5%. Twice a day is not usually often enough. Most patients

2017-02-21 Ophthalmology & Optometry - Mirror vision:

You're description of a mirror image where you get letters underneath the primary letters sounds like either you are mildly out of focus, have true diplopia ( double vision) , or have a corneal or retinal

2017-02-20 Urology - Constant dysuria , uroculture negative.:

Amuneth"    A cystoscopy could help. In some cases like this, a urinary antiseptic like mandelamine is useful since no resistance developed. Also try dome extra vitamin c to acidity the urine and vagina

2017-02-20 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - afraid...:

Jose,    In order for a blood test to be diagnostic for prediabetes (100-125 mg/dL), it would need to be repeated.  our ranges only go up to 99 mg/dL to be in a "normal" range here in the US.    If you


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