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2017-03-26 Anesthesiology - Chiils/sweats/nauseau/fatigue a month after surgery..:

It's not the anesthesia. Ondansetron is specifically for nausea but if it doesn't work, no need to take it. The only other reason I can think of for low grade fever and chills is a bacteremia (or subacute

2017-03-26 Urology - Duodart side-effects:

Arthur    There are many potential causes for ED. Duodart can cause ED but it usually stops when the medication is terminated. Permanent ED from Duodart would be very uncommon. The medicine stays in the

2017-03-26 Urology - clear viscour fluid:

Shashank    The fluid is probably just peri- urethral gland secretions, similar to pre'cum but it's not possible to be sure it isn't something else such as an infection. Even if it is, infertility is extremely

2017-03-26 Heart & Cardiology - constantly skipping, fluttering heart!:

At your age you should ask your doctor about a 64 slice CT to look for coronary calcification. If your score is above zero you should be on a statin. Also consider a formal evaluation with a cardiac electrophysiologist

2017-03-25 Oncology (General Cancer) - Cologran and cqncer:

Should it not be sodium cyclamate?  Can is a slppery word! Like can a taxi ride cause my death? Of course it can though the risk of it may be low. With this sweetener the risk - if indeed it exists at


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