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2016-12-06 Urology - stones:

Gulu    Kidney stones are among the most excrutiating and severe pain known. The vast majority of stones are made of calcium salts and are extremely hard. Only a very few like are made of pure uric acid

2016-12-06 Oncology (General Cancer) - Spindle cell sarcoma of the brain:

Hi,  At this stage I would suggest that you go for the surgery and see how the patient responds to it because that will determine the further course of treatment.  I would recommend you to wait for it

2016-12-05 Dermatology - Vaginal irritation:

vaginal-papulesVestibular papules  or vestibular papillomatosis are very similar to pearly penile papules. They look same in terms of color, size, and variations, but in men, pimples are on the head of

2016-12-05 Oncology (General Cancer) - stage 4 lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma course:

This disorder is also known as Waldenstrom's disease.  It is characterized by a cell in the bone marrow which has characteristics of a lymphocyte and a plasma cell. Generally the protein made by these

2016-12-05 Radiology - Preferred Standing Radiographic Positioning for Vertebral Column:

Hello, Ralph,    Standing x-rays of the spine are usually taken in a standing "at rest" position, both AP & LAT views. Sometimes scoliosis specialists ask for additional "flexion & extension" lateral views


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