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2017-02-19 Moving Furniture - Will sofa fit?:

Hi Hannah  This is the last sentence at the bottom of the page:  This item has been designed with home assembly needed to aid delivery to your home. Full instructions will be provided to ensure the assembly

2017-02-19 Moving Furniture - Will sofa fit?:

Hi Hannah  If you can send me the name or model number or a picture. Recliners are basically 3 chairs held together by two steel bar under neath which has 8 or 10 screws which can come apart. A Rachet

2017-02-19 Moving Furniture - Trying to work out if a sofa will fit.:

Hi Kate  So a riddle. Well here goes. If your access is straight in with no sharp turns the only measurement you needed was the height and it probably squeezed in like tight pants:)   Now if there was

2017-02-13 Moving Furniture - furniture:

Hi Mackenzie  So as long as its straight in the only number thats important is the height of the sofa which needs to be lower then the width of the doorway. The two you picked won't work. Also the height

2017-02-11 Moving Furniture - New sofa, can't get my head around it:

HI   I hope I will be able to help :)    To be 100% certain all measurements of the sofa should be less than what the measurements of the clearance, however facts such as shape of the sofa, arms and back


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