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2017-02-26 TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting - Help setting up stereo system:

Your photos show only the external connections. Surely there is an electronic apparatus, such as an audio receiver, inside the box. That is where the switching, inputs and outputs would be located.   

2017-02-26 Major Appliances - Maytag washer won't spin:

Agitate is easier than spin.  Replace the belts part number 12112425 which come in a set.  They should be changed every 5 years as the belts are the clutch of the Maytag system.  As far as the wire, it

2017-02-25 Clocks, Watches - Pallesgaard Grandmother clock:

Neilsen, if you have tried the things I suggested and looked at the steps of the instructions I copied you on, I would say that it is time to go to Level 3 and have an experienced clockmaker look at it

2017-02-24 Small Household Appliances - Microwave:

First of all unplug the unit for at least two days.  This will give the capacitor a chance to discharge so you will not be shocked.  I am guessing that the bugs are in the read out screen on the unit.

2017-02-21 Clocks, Watches - Montgomery/ ward Grandfather Clock:

Craig, I answered your question last night, but got a notice that it did not send.  So, I'll do it again:    First, the model numbers on clock cases, labels and owner's manuals very seldom indicate the


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