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2017-01-13 Major Appliances - freezer cold refrigerator not:

The heart of the unit itself is to check for certain things happening.  Fan in freezer running?  REmove rear panel in freezer section and make sure unit is running for about 15 minutes....  take a good

2017-01-13 Small Household Appliances - George Foreman gv5 contact roaster:

It looks like this unit is fairly new so it should have a fuse in it.  All of the George Foreman line of appliances are made in China so there are no parts available.  We do have some generic fuses and

2017-01-12 Home Theater - Wifi speakers:

Hello Nina,  Wireless works either Bluetooth or wifi.   If your TV has a RCA out. That is Red White and Yellow plugs. Then you can use Bluetooth transmitter and receiver adapter.   I tried attaching an

2017-01-11 Clocks, Watches - runs to fast.:

Dick, I am not sure about the beat adjustment on your particular movement, but a lot of these have what is called a slip verge.  It could be that the verge was inadvertenly slipped when winding or bumping

2017-01-10 Clocks, Watches - Emperor clock movement 301M:

Phil, you did not say how long it has been in the box.  If it has been in for a few years, there could be some problems.  Did you service the movement before you installed it? That would include removing


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