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2016-12-01 Clocks, Watches - Suspension spring:

Gina, a little History on your clock.  Diplomat Clock Company was one of the clock companies that spun off from from Emperor Clock Company in Baldwin County, Alabama. All have gone out of business with

2016-12-01 Small Household Appliances - Vintage GE Toaster T34A:

I have not seen one of these in many years so the picture is a good idea.  There is usually an adjustment screw on the inside of the toaster that is located close to the bimetal strip.  Send me a picture

2016-12-01 Major Appliances - Intermittent Refrigerator Compressor Operation:

Pull the relay off the compressor.....No need to remove the wires.  Shake it...does it sound like a babies rattle....    Waiting to hear from you,  Eric and Ann Campion    P.S. Please keep in mind we help

2016-12-01 Major Appliances - GE oven:

Need a Complete model number before I can help.....  Got to see your unit as there are many, many different syyle ranges out there.....        Waiting to hear from you,  Eric and Ann Campion    P.S. Please

2016-11-30 Major Appliances - Gaffers & Sattler has range:

Why do you feel this unit needs a oven safety valve?  Is it the old pilot or electronic ignition system?  Does a glow bar glow brightly orange?      Waiting to hear from you,  Eric and Ann Campion    P


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