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2016-11-26 Knitting - Deciphering knitting terminology:

Sorry I didn't answer sooner.      K0 does mean knit zero and p0 does mean purl zero.    The smallest size would read :   cast on 75 stitches.  *k3, p3* repeat * to * to last 3 stitches.  k3.    row 2:

2016-11-16 Quilting - Size of quilt with batting:

This size batting alone is not the size of any standard twin through king sized mattresses. This size batting would be used together with another piece of batting to create the desired coverage size for

2016-11-12 Knitting - Needle size:

Somewhere in your pattern it should say how many stitches make an inch.  This is called gauge. You need to use the needle size that will give you this.    I would use a #4 needle, cast on a few, maybe

2016-11-04 Knitting - Knitting pattern increase for sleeve:

The instructions you give will not increase or decrease.    Row 1 - K1 * (K2 tog) twice takes out 2 stitches but then (fwd,k1) 4 times puts in 4 stitches and the (k2tog) twice takes out 2 stitches   so

2016-10-24 Sewing - Darts:

Hi Brenda,    When you sew a dart, fold the fabric with right sides together (therefore inside and hidden) and stitch the dart on the visible wrong side. This way the dart will be hidden on the inside


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