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2017-03-04 Quilting - value of crazy quilt:

Hi,    Thanks for contacting me on this.  I can likely help -- if I see photos.  I would need to see the whole quilt and then   any "telling" details.  Condition is very critical on these quilts re:value

2017-01-18 Sewing - Question about making a bonnet:

Hi Sarah,    You could certainly try the silk lining, though you are correct in your concern about it slipping, as it may do that.    Maybe consider a fine cotton or viscose cotton blend stretch?  That

2017-01-16 Crochet - Crochet cotton:

Hello Joan    Thanks for the question.     The thread size is a 3. Aunt Lydia has that size thread and so does DMC.      When using it for a project, the amount suggested will be important.    The two


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