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2016-10-24 Sewing - Darts:

Hi Brenda,    When you sew a dart, fold the fabric with right sides together (therefore inside and hidden) and stitch the dart on the visible wrong side. This way the dart will be hidden on the inside

2016-09-27 Knitting - deciphering a knitting pattern:

Pick up and knit 10 stitches evenly along right side of neck.  pick up 14 stitches from the 12 cast-off stitches at top of right sleeve  pick up 23 stitches from the 20 cast-off stitches at back of neck

2016-09-25 Knitting - armhole shaping:

starting with 126 stitches:    Row 1 decrease 1 stitch each end = 124  row 2 decrease 1 stitch each end = 122  row 3 decrease 1 stitch each end = 120  row 4 decrease 1 stitch each end = 118  row 5 decrease

2016-09-12 Quilting - Stencils:

You want to use something which will wash out easily. White chalk can be good. Yellow prismaolor or other soft colored pencils are my most frequent choice. Straight lines may be marked with narrow masking

2016-08-29 Crochet - Crochet instruction help.:

Hello Karen:    Thanks for the question.     from he information you gave me, you are skipping the 3 stitches, then doing the TR, then you are going back to work the skipped stitches, making sure you are


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