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2016-09-22 Audio Systems - Hum and OVER LEVEL:

Is it something just now happening and it was okey before? Or is it a condition upon first installing and hooking up the system?    Hum is usually caused when the ground is open circuit or incomplete.

2016-09-05 Audio Systems - connecting my speaker to a sub:

Hi Ryan,    Well - You're right, there is no output on those as they are meant to be kind of a portable unit.    I do have a solution, however.    When you're subwoofer shopping, look for something that

2016-09-05 Audio Systems - direct drive vs. belt drive - ?:

During the intervening years much improvements have been made amongst all TTs.    Here is an quicky overview that might help:    Direct drive with large enough motor

2016-09-02 Audio Systems - car cd changer (10 disk deck):

See the following link:    and read down until you find the comments on error code E-99.      It seems you may need to reset after

2016-08-29 Audio Systems - Car Audio Chevy Cobalt:

Not a lot of space in a cobalt for big subs and you need big boxes to get deep bass.    Here is my suggestion.  Since the performance of subs in small cars is greatly related to the specific sub and not


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