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2017-02-21 Decks - design deck pergola:

Hi Pat,          I don't really use anything like that personally, but I understand what you mean.   I would call a few different home centers or lumber places in your area. Often, these places will offer

2017-02-19 Landscaping & Design - West Facing Patio shading options:

Hi Jennifer: Only 6 feet?  If it is an easement (storm water? Sewer? Access?), you shouldn't really be planting anything into it.  I would suggest perhaps a vertical shade or shade sail for instant relief

2017-01-14 Decks - Lumber question...:

Hi David,      I am not aware of any products that would substantially increase the useful life of treated lumber as it pertains to ground contact.  There are a variety of stains and sealers that offer

2017-01-14 Decks - Lumber question...:

I would use pressure-treated lumber and not add any other preservative. You can look for pieces of wood that are free from sapwood--the outer part of the tree that is the most susceptible to rot. If you

2017-01-14 Decks - Lumber question...:

Hello David,          Thanks for the question. I don't actually use the stuff often myself, since most of what I do rarely involves direct burial of any wood. I am not sure what the best stuff would be


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