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2017-03-16 Goats - Small kid.:

Do you have any oral antibiotics?  If so would certainly start her on those right away.  If not, then would at least give her 2 to 3 days of injectable antibiotics.  Would also give vitamin D and C to

2017-03-11 Goats - COLD BUG:

Thanks for the update.  So the "colds" sound more like just bronchial irritation or allergic reaction to things.  Not much more than giving an allergy type medicine, Benadryl works best for goats and I

2017-03-10 Goats - COLD BUG:

Hi there - all good here.  Do the does spend a good amount of time in the barn or other enclosed areas? What does their hay look like?  Any chance it is a little dusty? Sometimes this time of year with

2017-03-04 Goats - nanny goat placentia:

Usually never a need to put a nanny down for this.  You can cut the placenta at about 5 inches outside the goat.  Then would do the following:  give selenium (2 mg which is ten of the 200 mcg human tablets

2017-03-02 Goats - Fainting goat runny nose:

It could be some other type of allergy, not seasonal. You can try giving some Benadryl syrup and see whether that does anything. I know people use that in goats for allergies. It may just be something


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