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2016-11-27 Goats - swollen cheeks:

It is possible that there was an infection there already, but just small and with the damage by the horn done, more infection started and with the little guy being so young his own immune system just could

2016-11-27 Goats - swollen cheeks:

Thanks for the update.  So, a massive infection.  The sides of his cheeks are most likely the lymph glands and they extend up into the nasal and orbital cavities unfortunately.  I always like penicillin

2016-11-26 Goats - swollen cheeks:

i was thinking this was some sort of inection. would give a double dose of antibiotics twice today.  not much more you can do, except try to express pus from inside. banamine is a good idea.  aspirin helps

2016-11-25 Goats - kid with swollen cheeks:

Thanks for the update.  It is totally possible he is just muscular due to his sucking action.  Good idea to keep him on antibiotics just in case.  Those are big kids, that is for sure.  I had a 12 pounder

2016-11-25 Goats - kid with swollen cheeks:

What is his temperature? Has he been having the swollen cheeks all along or just over the last few days?  Do they feel warm to touch? Would not think ORF would be the cause as there would not normally


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