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2016-09-30 Cows/Cattle - Cows:

Depends on the cows!  I show my cows, so they are halter broke and don't mind people being close.  Dairy cows are generally pretty quiet because they are milked twice a day and handled by people, but if

2016-09-28 Cows/Cattle - Cows:

Good afternoon,    Those are Holstein cows, and a milking type rather than a beef cattle breed.    I'm sorry, I don't understand your question about "do they generally stay still long"?  Are you talking

2016-09-28 Goats - Possible CL.:

Hi there - does not sound like a site where CL lumps are.  This sounds more like a wattle cyst, these can be hard or soft.  Could try a large bore needle and you might get clear cyst liquid out or just

2016-09-25 Goats - CAE Doe.:

Hi there - glad to hear Annie is better.  Re the aspirin, I might advise giving it to her daily if possible.  You could also give her MSM/glucosamine/chondroitin human kind every day to help with stiffness

2016-09-20 Goats - Human vitamin dose:

Belinda,    My understanding is that the fortified vitamin B injectable is effective on goats because it doesn't go through the rumen, which degrades the useability, like a pill. I use red cell for iron


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