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2017-01-19 Goats - Bump on goats lip/ Eye discharge:

Thanks for update.  This bump sounds more like a possible abscess.  If it is hard might suggest lancing it - use of a 16 or 18 gauge needle (at feed stores) - wash the area, and poke the end of the needle

2017-01-19 Goats - Bump on goats lip/ Eye discharge:

Did your husband happen to notice if any of the farmer's other goats had any bumps/lumps around the lips?  Where exactly is this lump, on the front lip, or side, or is it really in the mouth? The location

2017-01-18 Goats - Female hormones?:

Is this doe up on her selenium supplement? It is possible if she is low on selenium this could be the issue with her hormones being off balance.  You could try Pulsatilla, a homeopathic remedy that can

2017-01-17 Goats - Possible Mastitis:

What is the weather like?  It is possible that it is so cold, even in a shelter, that the teats are not keeping warm enough and so start to lose the ability to keep blood flowing well, so then harden up

2017-01-14 Goats - goat unable to open mouth:

Temp is retal with human digital thermometer. aspirin is best for goats. human b complex has b1 in it. yogurt or tablets or powdered probiotics work well. would give cdt booster or if possible tetanus


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