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2016-08-22 Birding - crow question:

Here's my opinion. When a bird is kept in captivity, for whatever reason, he/she is kept out of the gene pool. He/she is as good as dead because he/she cannot reproduce. I would rather allow a partially

2016-08-22 Birding - crow question:

I have no idea whether the feather loss would be connected to any other conditions that might lead to a shorter life span. I can't suggest anything for entertainment as I am not an expert in caged birds

2016-08-21 Birding - Do you know anything about crow behavior?:

This is the time of year when birds migrate and they often gather in big groups before or just as migration starts. It's safer in groups so lots of birds spend the weather together. So this is just their

2016-08-19 Birding - injured Dove:

Sounds like the bird ran into a window. Sounds serious. I suggest you call either your local wildlife rehab center or wildlife official or veterinarian. One of them should be able to help. There's nothing


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