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2017-02-16 Freshwater Aquarium - Internal organs coming out of fish's gill? Photos attached:

I am not sure what this is at this point, hard to make out from pics. I don;t believe I have seen anything quite like this from what I can make out. Don;t believe its contagious and appears to be either

2017-02-13 Freshwater Aquarium - Cloudy water:

what you have is an algae bloom.  Too much light or the wrong spectrum of light.  Its not dangerous to the fish.  You may be getting window light from somewhere  or the spectrum of light may be dialed

2017-02-06 Freshwater Aquarium - White stuff growing everywhere in tank:

Rosie,  looks like a fungal type thing at this point, not overly harmful. I have had the same but localized, like cotton puffs.  I would at this point, remove all the gravel, either replace or rinse it

2017-01-31 Freshwater Aquarium - Raised patch on Goldfish:

Hello Robert,    Unfortunately, I can't give you a full diagnosis just from a few pictures. Occasionally Goldfish can get tumors for no apparent reason. The only way to find out if it's cancerous is to

2017-01-27 Freshwater Aquarium - Fish tanks in Commercial Airlines.:

Prashant,  In a short answer to your question is if the airline is willing to take on the expense.  There would be some challenges but nothing that could not be overcome.  Simply a closed system not unlike


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