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2016-11-02 Freshwater Aquarium - Corydoras Catfish Dying:

Hi Luca!    I'm sorry for your loss.    The dark red blotches on the fins could be due to blood hemorrhaging of the veins in the tail and fins.  This can cause thin red lines or spots of red appearing

2016-10-03 Freshwater Aquarium - Sick flowerhorn:

Hello,    Flowerhorns have horns to begin with so I'm not sure what you mean by saying it is "developing horn."    Since it is swimming in unnatural positions, it probably has swim bladder disease. The

2016-09-16 Freshwater Aquarium - Fish Breeding (Hybrid):

Hello Ann!    Not all species of fish can inter-breed but it is possible for different species to breed if they are in the same genus. Theoretically, mollies can hybridize with guppies since they are both


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