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2016-09-16 Freshwater Aquarium - Fish Breeding (Hybrid):

Hello Ann!    Not all species of fish can inter-breed but it is possible for different species to breed if they are in the same genus. Theoretically, mollies can hybridize with guppies since they are both

2016-08-09 Freshwater Aquarium - A whole load of problems with my guppies:

Hello Elizabeth!    After hearing your story, I suspect that the caretaker of your fish must have changed or added water from a contaminated source. Otherwise, it is not likely that your fish would be

2016-07-08 Freshwater Aquarium - Jebo r3100 filter..?:

Hi Bonnie    I would get a Fluval External 306 Canister Filter for your Jebo 60g, and use your aquaclear HOB filter as a supplemental filter. Also in a tank that size, you may want to buy a couple of powerheads

2016-06-30 Freshwater Aquarium - Setup 50 g:

Hey Christian    You will need to reconsider your tank mates for the Blue Acara. They are generally a more peaceful Cichlid but they are still a Cichlid and could harass and/or attack smaller fish. Keep


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