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2017-04-13 Pond & Water Gardening - Fountains inside airports.:

Dear Prashant,    Thank you for your question.  Yes this is possible, the challenge is to have the "project" completely in order.  It is not just placing a bath of water with a fountain.  You need to have

2017-04-09 Freshwater Aquarium - green spot in veiltail gold fish:

without pics hard to diagnose. I would do the salt dip in any case. Other than that if there are no symptoms and the fish is not distressed I would perhaps just do a wait and see what develops rather than

2017-04-09 Freshwater Aquarium - green spot in veiltail gold fish:

Without pics I would hazard a guess that it could be lice.I would try a dip in water treated with a broad spectrum cure. Measure it out based on water volume and dip the fish 2-3x daily. Leave the fish

2017-04-09 Freshwater Aquarium - General tank wellness.:

Hello,    Have you checked the temperature of the water? Having the wrong temperature could be fatal to fish even if the water quality is optimal and early indicators include a loss of color. If you believe

2017-03-23 Freshwater Aquarium - My cichlids had lots of babies!:

Hi Renee!    Yes, you have described Convict Cichlids perfectly. They are the best parents. The mom will hang near the fry, while dad protects them all. When my Convicts or any other Cichlids have babies


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