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2017-01-17 Freshwater Aquarium - ammonia:

Larry,  First thing I would do is eliminate the bacteria additives. Do you know anyone with an established healthy tank? If so, get some filter media and add it to your filter.   I am not a big fan of

2017-01-10 Freshwater Aquarium - fish cycle?:

If it is a whitish cloud then it is a bacterial bloom.  Large water changes provide the food for the issue.  Tank is about 50gals so 5-10 gals should be it for water changes.  Check the water out of your

2017-01-02 Freshwater Aquarium - fish cycle?:

Depending on the size of the tank and the load, there could be pockets in the gravel that could cause the tank to destabilize.   A swing of 0.5 is minimal and just a reflection the bio filter.  I would

2016-12-23 Freshwater Aquarium - Neon Tetra Growth:

Hello Angie,    What do you mean by "burst at the under belly"? Can you see contents inside the stomach because they spilled out? Or are you just referring to how oversized the stomach has become?    If

2016-12-02 Freshwater Aquarium - plant:

Hey Charlie,    Without a picture, it's hard to tell, but chances are, if you bought the plant recently, it might be a small plant (of another variety) that could have tagged along with the plant when


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