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2017-03-13 Bariatric Surgery - Depressed and eating unhealthy again!:

Hi Sara,    Firstly my apologies for delayed response.... I've had some "technical difficulties with internet/computer" and that along with my work schedule took up much of my time these past 2 days and

2017-03-13 Bariatric Surgery - Long long stall;:

Hi Sara,    Being so early out from surgery, it would be much better if you went and talked to your surgeon or the office dietitian before seeking on-line advice.    Usually with a sleeve, weight loss

2017-03-13 Bariatric Surgery - Not Losing weight after surgery!!:

First, stalls ARE normal. You're fine. I'm happy for you for all your weight loss so far... there is more to follow to be sure, as long as you follow the plan that you and your doctor established. Second


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