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2016-09-26 Yu-Gi-Oh - Misprint or fake card appraisal / advice:

This card is definitely fake.    The biggest tells you've already picked up on:    Misspelling of "Spellcaster" - this does not happen. Very few cards have Spelling/Grammar mistakes in their card text

2016-09-19 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark Monarch:

I think my primary issue with this is that you've given up on Utility in order to play only DARK monsters. That's effectively just made his a worse version of the Fiend Stun deck.    Your issues with Big

2016-09-10 Yu-Gi-Oh - Machine Help Question Please:

You have to remember that most of the low-level non-effect fusions were printed in LOB - Charubin and Fusionist were both in it.  Every card game has to have bad cards, simply because the ability to determine

2016-09-09 Yu-Gi-Oh - tayala the princess of cherry blossoms deck:

I think I'd start with a variation on the Plant Synchro theme - using Lonefire and Rose Paladin to grab Talaya from the deck, and Miracle Fertiliser/Meliae to summon them from the Graveyard.  Something

2016-09-08 Yu-Gi-Oh - Machine Help Question Please:

Your first question has 3 answers:    1. Traps are very situational. You need the right trap for the right situation - the more likely your opponent is to do the thing that triggers your trap, the better


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