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2017-02-20 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dragoncaller Magician ruling with XYZ monsters:

Hi Brian,    The Effect of "Dragoncaller Magician" grants an effect to the monster you use it to summon, but that effect isn't tied to Dragoncaller in any way once the summon is complete.  So even if you

2017-02-17 Yu-Gi-Oh - I dont like the graveyard:

So before we go ahead with this there are a few things to cover:    Firstly, while Necrovalley is a mild irritation to Zoodiac, it's not doing anything on its own - the only part of the Zoodiac combo that

2017-02-13 Yu-Gi-Oh - Crystal Beast Help:

The issue with Crystal Beast competing with current decks, as I'm sure you're aware, is that it's from a very different time - when Crystal Beast was first released the average turn contained 1-2 Special

2017-02-12 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark Magician post RATE:

Realistically the Dark Magician core doesn't change with the format, only the specific traps that you play do.  I'd probably go with something like this:    3 Dark Magician  3 Magician's Rod  2 Magician

2017-02-11 Yu-Gi-Oh - Lightsworn help please:

The main issue here is that you're playing far too many cards with Graveyard effects - when you open hands full of these you just lose the game.  Playing Lightsworn Without Minerva is a pretty tough ask


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