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2016-12-02 U.S. Politics - Vote Count Presidential Election:

Hi Ron,    I'll be glad to help with your question.     I think that the best way I can respond to your point is by stating my own view and also furnishing alternative arguments.     First, my own view

2016-11-29 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Committee Chairs--who do they listen to?:

Hello,    There are no enforceable rules about who members of Congress correspond with.  They are free to ignore messages from everyone, respond to everyone, or respond to only select groups of their choosing

2016-11-14 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Investigating Hillary:

Actually the did find evidence enough to prosecute. FBI director opted not to. You do not need to prove intent for a violation. Many former federal prosecutors said they would take the case.    She may

2016-11-13 Military Policy & Weapons - CIA-JSOC-President meeting in novel:

Giulia:    Wow. What a plot you have there! Let me see if I can break down the decision-making a bit to enhance the verisimilitude.    First, in the scenario you outline, I would favor a "covert" vs a

2016-10-28 Military Policy & Weapons - Books on Foreign Affairs:

Henrique:    Following are some excellent books written by American military officers and civilian officials that I can highly recommend:      Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War Paperback  by Robert M


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