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2017-04-18 U.S. Politics - President:

James,    Just some fine points of clarification here.  I don't know if he was groomed to be President the way that former President Obama was.  President Trump willingly ran for office and held himself

2017-04-18 U.S. Politics - President:

James,    Our founding fathers/framers always had differing opinions on what characteristics would be best suited for a person to embody while President.  Alexander Hamilton wrote, ďall men of sense will

2017-04-15 Libertarians - Questions about political activism:

Good afternoon Geoffrey.  Sorry for the slow turnaround; it's been awhile since I got anything from AllExperts so I had to unspam the email.    Quite frankly, you would be well off simply visiting the

2017-04-11 Supreme Court Cases - Precedent:

They are suppose to apply the law to the known facts of the case. That what should be done. In case of jury trials they ensure rules of the court and procedures of the court are followed. Once a jury rules

2017-03-29 Supreme Court Cases - Precedent:

If a compelling case is made that prior precedent is wrong then it can be reversed.  This case   was overruled by this case


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