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2017-02-13 Science Fiction Books - Old science fiction short story:

sorry, never read this one  the best hunting stories I can think of are The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell and ASound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury.  Please let me know if you find your story since

2017-01-22 Science Fiction Books - short story:

The short story is "It's a Good Life" by Jerome Bixby.  Collected in the excellent anthology Science Fiction Hall of Fame volume 1.  I highly recommend the entire anthology.  Also if you have time, read

2017-01-03 Science Fiction Books - Help recognising short story from plot:

I also remember reading this, but alas can't remember the title or author.  I think it was a short story, not a complete book.  Good luck finding it.  You may want to email the world's largest SF library

2016-12-18 Science Fiction Books - What is the title of this book?:

The closest to this is an excellent novel titled Infinity Hold by Barry Longyear, which spawned two sequels.  Prisoners, instead of being deported to Australia, are dumped onto an empty planet, where they

2016-12-13 Science Fiction Books - Story from the '50s or '60s:

Sorry, never read this short story.  Good luck finding it.  I have read a similar short story about a world residing on someone's hand between two of his fingers.     Your story sounds like something that


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