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2016-12-07 Architecture - Circulation Space Percentage:

Quinn,    No, there is not a hard and fast rule about circulation space.  Theoretically, you could design a one-story building with zero circulation space and a lot of exterior doors around the perimeter

2016-12-07 Sculpture - Wood face carving:

Hi Judy,  yes. Oil can help to preserve your carving and also bring out the beauty of the figure and grain of the wood.  You want to use boiled linseed oil or walnut oil available at most hardware or art

2016-11-27 Photography - Craft Photography:

Nila     Small graduated backgrounds are difficult to find and most kits have either white backgrounds of a set of colors. You might contact Glazer's Cameras in Seattle as they sometimes have some.   

2016-11-26 Photography - Craft Photography:

Hi Nila   There are lots of really inexpensive backdrop/light tents systems. I've listed a couple I found on eBAy.   The trick to getting pop out of pictures is to use a background that emphasizes the

2016-11-21 Drawing/Calligraphy/Cartooning - copyright and selling art:

Hello again,    Turning in someone else's work as your own is plagiarism.    Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided by citing sources. Simply acknowledging that certain material has been borrowed and


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