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2017-01-18 Architecture - CCTV System installation in Tunnels.:

Prashant,    Considering that I have a few cameras set up to monitor and record activity for my office, you can expect that my answer is going to be "yes".  Our major road intersections and public utilities

2017-01-14 Architecture - Petrol Pumps stations with Basement.:

Prashant,    First we need to overcome a little bit of language barrier because we do not say "Petrol".  We say "Gas" and our fuel stations might look different than what you typically see.    Although

2017-01-07 Ceramics - Ceramic molds left outside:

The best way to clean them are with an air compressor. With mold it maybe hard to clean. Use a damp not wet sponge to clean out mold. Then put back together in the sun. If it is too wet it will take away

2017-01-03 Photography - Lenses:

Hi Robert!    Without an idea of the kind of images you like creating, it's a little hard to answer your question.   Regardless, that's a pretty decent set-up for anybody looking to delve into photography

2016-12-31 Photography - Light (middle) Photo:

First, it is great that you are taking photos and creating images that you like. As far as a camera is concerned, if the one you have is working and you are satisfied with the quality of the images / photos


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