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2017-02-16 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Query re statute:

Geoffrey,       The statute of limitations in Texas for misdemeanors is two years. For felonies it's 3 years, however, a good number of felonies have extended statute of limitations of 5, 7, and 10 years

2017-02-11 Sociology - What would a person from the moon be called?:

Hi Ayla,    I'll be glad to help with your questions. People from earth are called Earthlings so I think inhabitants of the moon are properly called Moonlings. A term has never actually been developed

2017-02-07 Psychology - Query re modern phenomenon:

The Kikikomori and MGTOW seem to me to be evolving from different positions and etiologies.  The Kikikomori appears to be a response to a high pressure conformist society which places extraordinary pressures

2017-02-07 Sociology - Query re dealing with bullying gangs:

Question seems to mix "gangs" with "social groups" that engage in negative peer behaviors.    Gangs usually have a well defined enemy group: i.e. another of the same ethnic / racial makeup in a cyclic

2017-01-31 Criminology and Forensic Psychology - Are socipaths crazy or just evil?:

Dear Angie, TY for writing and I apologize that I cannot answer all your questions succinctly within this small response box. In relationship to sociopaths and psychopaths, there are two camps of thoughts


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