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2017-04-05 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Invasion of privacy:

Kim,    Just because something might be considered an "invasion of privacy," that does not mean a criminal law has been broken. When people are in a public place, in general they loose their expectation

2017-03-22 Economics - Re: Questions:

A reserve requirement applies to all types of bank accounts.  Checking would have the highest because people can withdraw and do withdraw large amounts on demand.  Savings, may have a maximum number of

2017-03-19 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Females working in men's prisonse:

To answer your question, I have worked with female officers since 1984.  Some of the best I worked with were females, for these reasons; They don't tend to escalate volatile situations, they are not afraid

2017-03-19 Criminology and Forensic Psychology - Sons criminal behavior:

Melissa,    The Aryan Circle is a prison gang which is predominantly white (Caucasian) in makeup.  It started in Houston, TX.  The Gang has been labeled as being white-supremacist.  It also has notoriety

2017-03-19 Criminology and Forensic Psychology - Troubled Son:

Dear Ms. Jamie, The Aryan Brotherhood (AB) is real and exists throughout all US correctional facilities. It is also true that there are Caucasian inmates who involve themselves with the AB for protection


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