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2016-09-10 Chinese - Chinese Foo Dog/Lion:

Good morning, Lori,    The "Foo Dog" that you bought is actually called Pi Xiu (in Chinese, 貔貅).     Below is a link to the Wikipedia which contains a detailed description of this mystic

2016-08-08 Chinese - Antique Chinese wood printing block:

Hello, Sue,    Thank you for your follow-up question.    May I suggest that you visit Google - Ancient Chinese Printing Blocks where you should be able to find an answer matching your need.    I've just

2016-08-07 Chinese - Antique Chinese wood printing block:

Good morning, Sue,    Our apologies for the lateness in replying your question.  We have lost a senior staff recently.    Having looked at the images that you posted, we believe they are Chinese printing

2016-07-18 Chinese - ANCIENT CHINESE:

Good morning, Bill,    The Chinese scroll that you have worths serious monies.  It appears to have been partially written in Ancient Chinese Pictogram.  Unfortunately, we do not have an expert who can


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