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2017-03-24 Wine - Need some help:

Hi Maciej,    I'm sorry but I don't thnk anyone would want to buy these.     The Mateus is long past its storage life, has a poor level and was only a low-value rosť in the first place.  There is no collector

2017-03-24 Wine - Need your help:

Hi Maciej,    Metaxa is a blend of brandy and muscat wine, which results in a sweet, liqueur-style drink that's popular with some people and is often brought home as a holiday souvenir.    I'm not sure

2017-03-05 Wine - 1995 Crosby stills Nash wine.:

Hi James     Wines like this are often interesting to music lovers, but they never seem to attract bidding from wine connoisseurs.  "Special Occasion" bottles just don't seem to appreciate in value that

2017-03-01 Wine - Alexis Lichine:

Hi Cage,    I'm not sure if any Rosť d'Anjou is still marketed under the Alex Lichine name as I don't see it listed on the company website ( but others are

2017-02-24 Wine - 1991 Monterey Cristal Cabernet Sauvignon:

Hi Dave    I've never seen a bottle like this, so I'm going to make some educated guesses about it.  Cristal is a brand name used by Kendall-Jackson for a high level sparkling wine.  And since this bottle


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