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2016-09-20 Fishing - H-I reel:

Joyce,    I am going to recommend this website dedicated to fishing reel collectors, ORCA - Old Reel Collectors Assocation:    You will need to register before posting

2016-08-02 Fly Fishing - Any info on rod:

Hello Simon - I'm not sure on some of the details.  Are you saying the rod is black in color?  Kingfisher brand rods were made in the US by Union Hardware and later Heddon.  They were made for an American

2016-07-12 Fishing - Line tangles on spinning reel:

Hello there Luke! Sorry it took me awhile to answer you back. Normally I answer quickly. Crazy hours at the job.   Funny you mention this problem. I got my son a Shakespeare rod and reel combo from Cabelas

2016-07-11 Fishing - Mystery Pond Fish:

Tate,  I thought I had answered your question but apparently it did not get sent.  My guess is  that your mystery fish may be a large pickerel.  There in Florida lakes and ponds they grow  big and fight

2016-07-01 Fishing - vintage custom Phillpson bait casting rod:

Charlee    I would expect this to sell in the $200-300 range. You can sell it on ebay and should get a premium based on the condition described. Sell it under Sporting goods>outdoor sports>fishing>vintage>rods


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