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2016-11-12 Fishing - Metal Action Rod, by Orchard Industries:

Mike    Orchard Industries out of Detroit & Hastings Michigan, they started making rods in 1946s. The ads really start showing up in 1949 thru 1952. They also made a few fishing lures, one of them called

2016-10-08 Fishing - IM-7 graphite pole repair:

Jamie  go to the hobby store - look for a  dowel = wooden cylinder or similar material- get it larger than the inside diameter and trim it down  I always used old fishing rods= graphite on the exterior

2016-09-25 Fishing - My Fly rod:

Hi    Here is a link to a site dedicated to bamboo flyrods. It suggests your rod was made from 1930s to 1950s.    I would post a question

2016-09-20 Fishing - H-I reel:

Joyce,    I am going to recommend this website dedicated to fishing reel collectors, ORCA - Old Reel Collectors Assocation:    You will need to register before posting


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