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2016-10-08 Fishing - IM-7 graphite pole repair:

Jamie  go to the hobby store - look for a  dowel = wooden cylinder or similar material- get it larger than the inside diameter and trim it down  I always used old fishing rods= graphite on the exterior

2016-09-25 Fishing - My Fly rod:

Hi    Here is a link to a site dedicated to bamboo flyrods. It suggests your rod was made from 1930s to 1950s.    I would post a question

2016-09-20 Fishing - H-I reel:

Joyce,    I am going to recommend this website dedicated to fishing reel collectors, ORCA - Old Reel Collectors Assocation:    You will need to register before posting

2016-08-02 Fly Fishing - Any info on rod:

Hello Simon - I'm not sure on some of the details.  Are you saying the rod is black in color?  Kingfisher brand rods were made in the US by Union Hardware and later Heddon.  They were made for an American


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