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2017-02-16 Fishing - mohawk fishing rod:

Dan    Steel rods were the low cost, high volume rods sold before fiberglass was developed. Mohawk is a line of tackle sold by Horrocks Ibbotson, NY. I am wondering if there is a mix of parts to explain

2017-02-14 Fishing - old fishing pole:

Hi    this looks like an early rod from the 1920s, since its missing eyes, it would need a restoration. I would expect to sell in the $100-150 range.    I recommend you get a second opinion at this site:

2017-02-07 Fishing - old fishing pole:

Hi    sorry for the delay in response, missed the email notification. First the rod would have been made by a rod company for A&F, they were an outfitter not a manufacturer so figuring out the maker is

2017-01-30 Fishing - kingfisher fly rod:

Phil,  Kingfisher rods were sold exclusively  by EDWARD K. TRYON CO.    They were made by two makers,  low ball by Montague and a little better model by Heddon, in the 30s. After WW II  they were only

2017-01-28 Fishing - kibby c gart:

Hi    I am familiar with these rods made for the Gart Brothers Sporting Goods Store in Denver, but always bamboo rods.    I haven't seen them in steel, which was less expensive at the time and much less


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