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2014-04-05 Adult Swinging - Porn Induced ED/Anxiety:

You are not the first guy to have anxiety induced ED issues.  I've experienced it myself a couple of times.  The first thing you need to do is get control of the whole "is his junk going to be bigger than

2014-03-13 Adult Swinging - Curious Husband:

Sounds to me like the decision has been made.  You need to tell him your position on this subject and let him know you just are not interested in participating in the lifestyle.    He will need to decide

2014-03-11 Adult Swinging - Wife Has Guilt Feelings?:

Hi Dutch,    You may be right in your assessment.  And getting any woman to open up and talk about a subject that they don't want to is a major challenge.  But that is what you really have to do.   But

2014-02-26 Bisexuality - gay?:

Do you still enjoy sex with your wife?  If so you might be bisexual which could explain your attraction to transexuals.      Have you sat down with your wife and had an open, honest conversation about

2014-02-10 Adult Swinging - Convince hubby:

The age old question, will it cause a problem between us.  The answer to this question lies within the strength of your relationship.  If you and your husband have good, open, honest communication and


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