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2014-10-22 Polyamory - What to do?:

Lynn:    First, I want to express my sympathy. Cheating is not okay and I'm sorry it has happened to you.  Also, I'm very pleased to hear that your therapist mentioned polyamory.  Not many of them do.

2014-10-16 Bisexuality - is my boyfriend bi?:

Sounds to me that your boyfriend is bi or bicurious and you are handling it perfectly.  Bi males still suffer from the stigma that is attached to bi guys whereas female bisexuality is widely accepted.

2014-10-13 Adult Swinging - Don't know what im feeling:

I understand how sketchy it can feel in certain situations.  Regardless of the sexuality of all involved there is a gold standard that you have to stick by and that is SET GROUND RULES.  Everyone needs

2014-10-09 Adult Swinging - Same room sex:

The answer is simple!  Go with your gut!  It is a pretty good time overall.  As for co-worker vs new friends, I can't answer that for you.  The only thing I can say is be prepared for gossip if you go

2014-10-07 Adult Swinging - question on swinging:

Hi Colleen,    I understand.   As far as his erections, has he tried Viagra?  And you should have his testosterone checked.   It needs to be above 300 and 600 or more is better.  Those two are probably


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