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Alternative Relationship Styles

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2014-09-07 Adult Swinging - sex before swinging:

Hi Mark,    The idea of another man or woman tasting your cum just might be a turn on for them.  If you are getting head some one is going to taste it then.  If you are having intercourse there is a good

2014-08-17 Adult Swinging - swinging:

To put it bluntly...the answer is no.  Anyone who tries to fix a relationship by swinging is destined to fail.  If she is cheating, and has failed to follow through with counseling unfortunately swinging

2014-07-25 Adult Swinging - Wife Developing feelings:

The comfort level in the lifestyle is dependent on BOTH parties involved.  If she wants to go full swap and you do not, there should be no further conversation about it.  That is no different than you

2014-07-18 Adult Swinging - Sexually Curious:

This is fairly normal in the lifestyle.  A lot of couples like to watch their partner getting pleasured by another person.  The main thing you have to focus on is to be sure this is what you guys want

2014-07-09 Adult Swinging - Swinging lifestyle:

There are several things I would like to touch on here.  First the swinging lifestyle or "lifestyle" as it's commonly referred to is not something to do to save a marriage.  Marriages end faster than they


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