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2016-08-26 Pro Wrestling - Pro wrestling:

I'm not sure of any schools in the Knoxville area, but you can search around online to see what places are available in Tennessee. You may have to drive a bit to one, but do keep in mind that many people

2016-08-23 Pro Wrestling - Specific muscles:

Firstly, good to hear that you're working hard, Jess. Second, I am glad some of my advice has been useful.    In regards to back bumping, I have learned there is never a good way to just fall on your back

2016-07-01 Pro Wrestling - Physical Training:

The best thing you can do for cardio for wrestling, really, is to wrestle. Your work outs are not bad. I would recommend to slowly go into running for an hour each day to get better with cardio too. So

2016-06-18 Pro Wrestling - How to be a pro wrestler and get a job in WWE , TNA or NJPW. Or how to be a MMA fighter.:

There are many countries that have schools, even India and the Philippines. However, it will cost money regardless of the school you go to. Try looking up wrestling schools in your area and going from

2016-03-23 Pro Wrestling - Visa:

You have to go to a government office in Turkey to get one. I recommend simply getting a passport and talking with embassies to see how long you can be in a given place before you have to leave. You'll


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