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2016-10-21 College Football - Establishing yourself on line of scrimmage.:

Kevin,    Great question. By rule, to be on the line of scrimmage, an offensive player must (1) face his opponent's goal line with the line of his shoulders approximately parallel thereto, and (2) have

2016-09-25 College Football - football timeclock:

Tim,    The answer depends on whether the run ended inbounds or out of bounds.  If the run ended inbounds, the clock would start on the ready for play.  If the run ended out of bounds, it would start on

2016-09-12 College Football - two point play:

Under NCAA rules it is a 2 point "Touchdown" for Team B and if the ball were intercepted in the end zone it remains live, it is not dead. High school rules are different the ball is dead when B gains possession

2016-08-17 Football Instruction - Football:

Hello Nancy,    I don't know all the regulating rules for each state, but this is a very interesting question. Now, I have heard of schools only carrying a varsity team, doing away with their JV. So the


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