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2017-02-24 Bible Studies - 1 Enoch 19:2:

I found one other that says they will become judges (or judged).  "Sirens" is an emendation.  Sirens were an ancient Greek legendary creature, part human and part bird, with voices which were dangerous

2017-02-13 Christianity -- Christian Living - Fasting:

Dear Christopher,  No specific day to fast is better than another. The one that is most beneficial is the one that Messiah leads you in! I would encourage you to read Isaiah 58 to gain a better understanding

2017-02-06 Eastern Orthodox - title "God-bearer":

Glory to Jesus Christ!    The Theotokos—she who bore God the Word—is, of course, unique in all of humanity. Through her as His mother, Christ came physically into the world. But several other people also

2017-02-04 Bible Studies - "Ye men of Israel":

The main problem with any of the gospels is that we have none of the originals, and thus thru eons of erroneous translations errors get made.    The New Testament did not exist before 330 AD.  What you

2017-01-30 Eastern Orthodox - Icon question:

The "Sacred Heart of Jesus", while very popular in the Catholic church, is definitely not an Orthodox tradition. In the early 20th century there was not a lot of Orthodox presence in America and Orthodox


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