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2017-01-13 Christianity--Church History - Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ:

The usual Catholic argument is that Mary was declared as "full of grace," but his could simply be a statement about the degree of divine favour to be chosen, not a statement about her sinlessness.    

2017-01-11 Bible Studies - Acts 4:31:

Hello Lenin,    Thank you for your question. May I commence with an apology for not having responded more quickly, and an explanation for not having done so? There is a facility in AllExperts by which

2017-01-09 Non-Denominational - suffering:

Is the suffering physical (and or) emotional? If the suffering is physical, you'd need to see a doctor.  About 12 years ago, I had knee surgery.  At first, it is very painful to put weight on an operated

2017-01-09 Anglicans - moral law:

Thank you for your question. It is true that some early Christians tried to separate themselves from the non-Christian population in order to protect themselves from being corrupted by that. But I think

2016-12-29 Christianity -- Christian Living - marriage:

Mary,    Only if you allow it. Having sex or being around someone that is having problems with demons is not a good idea.  As I mentioned in my other reponse you can be safe from evil and protected as


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