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2016-10-19 Assembly of God - IS MY PASTOR CORRECT ?:

Hi Ray    Most protestant churches don't have the office of a confessor as you would find in the catholic church.    When we are told to confess our sins one to another, this is a continuous process, keeping

2016-10-18 Christianity -- Christian Living - USA Election:

Thank you for permission.  :)  I won't use your last name but may title the series of posts "A Conversation with Priscilla" to make it as personal to the heart of every person reading it as it is to you

2016-10-17 Christianity -- Christian Living - CONFESSION:

Dear Ray,    In defense of your pastor, he probably did not want to appear to be anything close to Romanism in it's misapplication of the priesthood, confessionals and Catholicism. That's my guess.   

2016-10-17 Christianity -- Christian Living - Election USA:

Dear Priscilla,    The concept of "voting" for a national leader is foreign to the Scriptures. In fact, I cannot find one example in the Scriptures that confirms the majority ever being correct!?!    Consider

2016-10-17 Christianity -- Christian Living - USA Election:

Thank you, Priscilla, for your excellent questions and for trusting me to answer them.  There are so many competing voices in Christianity right now and sad to say, far more finger-pointing among Christians


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