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2017-03-12 Increasing Self-Esteem - Fear of my bad emotions:

Hi Joey,    You have a whole lot going on here and it's probably more complex and complicated than can be responded to in a limited situation. Please know also that I am not a psychologist and therefore

2017-03-02 Increasing Self-Esteem - Self Esteem:

Hi Anon,    Being a young mid to late teen, you are at an age where you are still unsure of yourself and learning to navigate your way through life and the world.     During the course of this process

2017-02-28 Dealing with Stress - EARLY BIRD:

Hi Cameron    My apologies for the delayed response.  The website on which you submitted the question was malfunctioning.    I am not aware of any statistics around making appointments and preferred times

2017-02-17 Social Etiquette and Good Manners - Birth Announcement:

Dear Ms. Sarah,     First, congratulations on your newborn son. This is a beautiful time to be cherished and enjoyed.     If the newspaper does not have a space for you to include them in the grandparents

2017-01-22 Social Etiquette and Good Manners - death:

Dear Debra:      Thank you for your question.    What a lovely gesture to send flowers at this sad time.  I would send the flowers to your father and mother (addressed to both).  Then write a special note


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