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2017-02-17 Social Etiquette and Good Manners - Birth Announcement:

Dear Ms. Sarah,     First, congratulations on your newborn son. This is a beautiful time to be cherished and enjoyed.     If the newspaper does not have a space for you to include them in the grandparents

2017-01-22 Social Etiquette and Good Manners - death:

Dear Debra:      Thank you for your question.    What a lovely gesture to send flowers at this sad time.  I would send the flowers to your father and mother (addressed to both).  Then write a special note

2017-01-12 Business Etiquette - Follow up to coffee meeting invitation:

Dear Merinna,    Thank you for your question.  My short answer is Pick Up The Phone!  Call your designer and set up a meeting.  Know that if you do the inviting, you pay.  But,  it 's a small price to

2017-01-12 Social Etiquette and Good Manners - Covering scars:

Dear Jay,    Thank you for your question.  Never be self conscious about your scars. They are part of who you are.  Go ahead and wear your shorts.  If someone says something to you about it, just smile

2017-01-11 Social Etiquette and Good Manners - Denying Invitation:

Dear Kenneth:    Thank you for your question.  While a person has the right to deny an invitation, in this case I believe it would be politically negative to say  no to this invitation.  It is a special


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