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Understanding Computers

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2016-12-10 Internet for Beginners - new laptop beginner:

Howdy, Glenn.  I'll be 72 later this month and have been involved one way or another with computers since the first home ones appeared on the market.  So, consider myself pretty well versed in life, computers

2016-11-23 Understanding Computers - About file explorer in Windows10:

Hello Mellody:  Thanks for asking this question.    As you described, there is a way to restore you system to the certain point.    Your case might be that you install a device driver that makes your computer

2016-11-12 Understanding Computers - WHERE ARE YOU:

Hello Cameron,  Thanks for asking the question.    Every software service company maintains their website to support current functionality or the future enhanced software.  Upgrade or updates are available

2016-11-10 Understanding Computers - HOW LONG NOW:

Hello Cameron,  Thanks for asking this question.    In General, whenever there is upgrade/updates on software, there is version or update numbers specifically to address certain functionality.  As you

2016-10-16 Buying a computer system - Notebook:

The three are extremely similar - I'd pick based on other qualifiers, like warranty, availability of a support/service system near you (e.g. do they have a local number or retailer that can support the


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