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2016-11-23 Understanding Computers - About file explorer in Windows10:

Hello Mellody:  Thanks for asking this question.    As you described, there is a way to restore you system to the certain point.    Your case might be that you install a device driver that makes your computer

2016-11-12 Understanding Computers - WHERE ARE YOU:

Hello Cameron,  Thanks for asking the question.    Every software service company maintains their website to support current functionality or the future enhanced software.  Upgrade or updates are available

2016-11-10 Understanding Computers - HOW LONG NOW:

Hello Cameron,  Thanks for asking this question.    In General, whenever there is upgrade/updates on software, there is version or update numbers specifically to address certain functionality.  As you

2016-10-16 Buying a computer system - Notebook:

The three are extremely similar - I'd pick based on other qualifiers, like warranty, availability of a support/service system near you (e.g. do they have a local number or retailer that can support the

2016-10-10 Buying a computer system - Notebook:

1) 30 minutes is "large-ish" - it certainly isn't as big as cutting a feature-length film, especially if you only mean you're coming from 30 minutes of footage and will edit that down (into probably ~5


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