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Understanding Computers

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2017-02-18 Understanding Computers - FIRE ESCAPE:

Hello Cameron:  Thanks for asking this question.  Definition is:  - A firewall is a network security system, either hardware- or software-based, that uses rules to control incoming and outgoing network

2017-02-15 Understanding Computers - YouTube:

Hello David:  Thanks for asking this question.    Google has such a large number of servers, over million servers across the world.  And search and store algorithm is so efficient to search and upload

2017-02-09 Understanding Computers - Thunderbird:

Hello bud:  Thanks for asking this question.  PC Geek person should be able to find missing folders and files and emails.  There is a recycle bin where a deleted files are found again until you delete

2017-02-06 Internet for Beginners - I need a Cheaper Internet Service:

Tina, I feel your pain.  I've lived in rural areas with limited service and no choice in providers.    First, check FB for local oriented pages - on in my neck of the woods is "You Know You are from [my

2017-01-24 Buying a computer system - RE::

Generally laptops are not as reliable, for a few reasons:    - They are generally designed only to be disposed/replaced, as opposed to repaired or upgraded.  - They are increasingly all-plastic in construction


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