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2016-10-16 Buying a computer system - Notebook:

The three are extremely similar - I'd pick based on other qualifiers, like warranty, availability of a support/service system near you (e.g. do they have a local number or retailer that can support the

2016-10-10 Buying a computer system - Notebook:

1) 30 minutes is "large-ish" - it certainly isn't as big as cutting a feature-length film, especially if you only mean you're coming from 30 minutes of footage and will edit that down (into probably ~5

2016-10-09 Buying a computer system - new computer:

While I certainly understand the convenience that could come from ripping DVDs to a computer, due to recent case law and the state of copyright law, this is an entirely illegal operation (at least in the

2016-10-09 Buying a computer system - Notebook:

They will all perform essentially the same for your workload, as they have the same (or extremely similar) CPU and memory configurations. If possible I would upgrade to 16GB RAM on whichever machine you

2016-09-04 Buying a computer system - Future-proofing my PC:

The easiest and most direct answer I can give you is that quite simply, there is no "future proof" - everything will eventually become outdated, unsupported, depricated, etc and need to be upgraded or


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