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2017-02-11 Oldies - Song lyric:

Sorry Michael, I'm not going to be much help here I suspect.  Normally when I am looking for song titles from lyrics I search Google for "lyric - (enter the lyric given)" Unfortunately this drew a blank

2017-02-05 Oldies - The Donkey Serenade:

Here ya go:    AND  Lyrics  There's a song in the air,   But the fair senorita   Doesn't seem to care   For the song in the air.     So I'll sing to my mule

2017-02-03 80s Music - song identification:

Hi Zdenek,    I see from your follow up that you found the songs you were looking for: Ken Laszlo's "Hey Hey Guy" and Hazell Dean's "Who's Leaving Who".  I'm sorry I couldn't have answered sooner to save

2016-11-30 Oldies - 1950s JAZZ SONG WITH POLICE SIREN:

Hi, Jason.  Sorry but I can't think of a jazz recording that begins with a siren.  The only thought that comes to mind is that Sonny Rollins' 1956 album "Saxophone Colossus" includes his famous cut, "St

2016-11-26 Oldies - I just bought this Motown collection from WTVS Detroit PPS:

As I'm sure you are aware, Motown Records published an enormous amount of music in over half a century in business.  This set is a wonderful compilation; however, no single set will ever be able to include


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