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2016-09-08 Oldies - Seeking song title and artists:

Hi, Richie.  I'm pretty sure you are looking for "My Love For You" by the Marcels, 1961.  It was the flip side of one their big hits, "Heartaches."      ...My love for you is a burning fire, that grows

2016-09-08 Oldies - Desperate for song title and/or artist:

Hi Richie  The line "cry-yi-yi over you" is in the song "Singing The Blue" by Guy Mitchell. However, that is not a doo wop song and the other lyric you listed is not in there.  If you can tell me a little

2016-08-27 80s Music - Netherlands New wave Music:

Hi    If you do a search on Google for any software to download YouTube to mp3 you can download the YouTube link to mp3. If you are still unable to do this then send me your email address and I will email

2016-08-05 Oldies - Bonnevilles:

Hi, Andy.  Is your last name the same as mine?  Where are you from?    I have seen The Bonnevilles LP used on Amazon, $200.  It is also usually available on ebay as well.  I came across that album because


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