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2017-03-26 Car Alarms - 2002 Mitsubishi Galant Car Alarm:

Best thing is to contact Mitubishi parts dept tomorrow and have them  replace the transmitter (s) You may only need to reprogram,

2017-03-21 Tires - Tire "cupping":

Jim,    Cupping means quite a few different things.  The easiest way to say this is *irregular wear* - of which there are several kinds.  Most common cause is low inflation pressure and lack of rotation

2017-03-21 Tires - lug nnut torgue:

Jerry,    Yes, The standard recommendation is that lug nuts need to be retorqued on alloy wheels after 50 or so miles.     - HOWEVER -     Not only am I of the opinion that what the torque spec ought to

2017-02-28 Auto Glass - Station wagon windows:

Hi Doug ,          Sorry about the rejection of the first question but the reasons will be clear at the end of my answer.          The 1967 Chevrolet Impala

2017-02-06 Auto body repair & detailing - Door moulding replacement:

Hi Kenny....The best method of repair to re-install the moulding, is to first carefully peel it off completely. When removing it, the warmer the temperature the better, as it will lessen the chance of


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