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2016-11-06 Auto body repair & detailing - Dodge Dakota driver side fender removal:

Hi Ashley.    These are the recommended steps to follow, in order to remove and replace the Left Hand Side fender on your 2004 Dodge Dakota.      1. Remove the front bumper assembly.    2. Remove the grill

2016-10-28 Car Alarms - Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

ok,  need you to look inside the fuse door to see if the installer mounted  the valet switch in there. Short of that, removal and repair is next.  I actually suggest you do that anyway since from what

2016-10-27 Car Alarms - Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

Interesting. It may be hidden away just out of sight. Have a look at the pic I included to see if you can possibly locate it. Some installers don't put them in. That's shoddy and bad news for you, but

2016-10-25 Car Alarms - Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

Ok, try this.   Put the key in the ignition, and turn forward   all the way just before cranking. Then within   5 seconds, locate, press and hold in the   valet/overide button, found under the   dash area

2016-10-16 Tires - Non-Matching Front and rear tires:

Damon,    Because of the peculiar nature of 911's, Porsche has a specification they call an *N Spec*, where they indicate which tires are compatible with this peculiar nature of 911's.    So unless the


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