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2016-11-27 Presley, Elvis - Jesse Garon:

Hello Lou...thank you for your question.  Elvis was born a twin.  His twin brother, Jesse Garon died at birth.  Elvis has no other siblings.     I hope this has helped you.  If you ever have any other

2016-10-29 Christian Music - What a Friend:

Dear Errol,    Thank you for your question. Could it be Gary S. Paxton's version of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" from the album "More" recorded in 1977? Paxton was a producer, singer and songwriter

2016-10-03 Presley, Elvis - social security:

Thomas,     The SS numbers were for both states - Mississippi & Tennessee.      Elvis had two Social Security Numbers: 427-05-5273 issued in MS and 409-52-2002 issued in TN. The one issued in TN is listed

2016-09-29 Presley, Elvis - Elvis Presley' birth:

Emily,     I have never read of Elvis being born breech.  I tried to find Elvis's birth weight on his birth certificate but - the late Dr William Hunt, the doctor who delivered Elvis, did not list the

2016-09-29 Presley, Elvis - Elvis Presley asthma:

Emily,     As far as pulling pranks on Lamar? I think you're probably referring to the "Elvis On Tour" outtake footage from the afternoon of April 16, 1972 in Jacksonville, FL where they're in the dressing


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