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2016-09-15 Presley, Elvis - 1977 Freedom Hall concert:

Hi Greg,    The date was May 21st at 8:30 PM. Here is the song list for the show. Also, there is a bootleg recording of the show called "All Right In Louisville"    Date: 21 May 1977     Time: 8.30pm

2016-09-15 Presley, Elvis - Elvis Presley asthma:

Emily,     Asthma doesn't "wait" to show its symptoms.  If you're asthmatic, then the condition will rear its ugly head.  Elvis apparently suffered from breathing issues his entire life and once had to

2016-07-30 Christian Music - A Celebration of Christmas:

Dear Jim,    I did a quick Google search of this cassette including Amazon and  eBay and couldn't find anything.     However, I did find Donald Moore's website. Click "contact" on his website and send


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