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2016-12-05 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Info request:

Hi Sherry:    You Bell piano was made in 1901.    By now, most of the instrument value is all but gone. In great shape they fetch somewhere around 50-150.00 USD.    With regard to furniture value...that

2016-12-05 Flute - piccolo headjoint size:

Hello again Vivian!    You have a couple options if the head will go on easily, but is just too loose.  If this is the case, the cheapest, easiest option is to simply get some teflon tape from any hardware

2016-12-04 Flute - piccolo headjoint size:

Hi there, Vivian!    There's no more difference between a European and an American piccolo headjoint than there is between a European flute headjoint and an American one.  There can be (and most often

2016-12-03 Violin - mozart:

Hello Anders,    thank you for your inquiry. There is no staccato in the introduction. It is the Allegro itself that might give the impression that the eighths are played in staccato. If one played staccato

2016-12-02 Acoustic Guitars - K Yairi Classical with no model number..:

Hi-Your classical guitar is made by Kazuo Yairi, or shall I say at his factory (gakki). K. Yairi is brother to S. Yairi, both guitar builders of some fame. Much has been written about these luthiers, their


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