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2017-01-18 Guitar - General - cases:

Hi Bobby,  It's hard to say without seeing the case.  A generic hard case should be fine for a guitar like yours, providing that it's deep enough to accommodate the fact that the guitar's headstock is

2017-01-15 French Horn - natural horn:

Hi, that's basically why you have your hand in the bell when you play...     Around 1750-1760 Anton Joseph Hampel developed the technique of hand stopping, enabling the production of notes not in the harmonic

2017-01-15 Drums & Percussion - Floor tom legs, mounting?:

Joel,    Yes 360 degrees divided by 3 is 120 degrees--BUT---nothing is written in concrete.  You can put the leg bracket whever you want as long as you are close to that 120 degrees--  that balances the

2017-01-13 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - buying a piano:

Hello Hank!  The best way to shop for the perfect piano is to start playing pianos...all kind of pianos.  Forget the name on the fallboard.  Forget the technology.  In doing so, you will eventually begin

2017-01-12 Drums & Percussion - Vintage Ludwig drum kit value:

That kit "should" be worth $1600--$1800---BUT---  The concert toms and super sensitive snare bring that value down.  Very few people wants those drums.    So the prices I have seen lately have been around


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