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2016-10-16 Bible Studies - Rain:

Bob,    In Genesis 2 (specifically verse 5 but the context is important), we see that no rain had fallen according to "the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created" (verse 4).  We also

2016-10-16 Bible Studies - Chronicles:

Giving the birthright to the firstborn, or even to the second oldest son, was traditional, but not mandated. Consider Jacob. He was the younger son, but he was given the birthright ... even though he deceived

2016-10-15 Bible Studies - Chronicles:

Hi Joyce!    I'm so glad that you're studying the Bible so faithfully and consistently. And you don't just read it. You dig in. You ponder. You ask questions. You want to understand what's going on! We

2016-10-08 Ethics - Is this fair, the IRS says it is?:

Hello!    I'm not sure if your question is whether the report you're describing is fair. I would, however, say that you're right in that the IRS says it is legal, under current tax structure, which is

2016-10-08 Ethics - Is this fair, the IRS says it is legal?:

Fair, perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Legal, of course.  The tax laws were written for the benefit of Congress, and for the benefit of their big donors.  So we have provisions such as the ones you mentioned.


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