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2016-11-27 Bible Studies - Death:

Hi Joyce,    We celebrated Thanksgiving with two other couples from church. It was very nice ... and the meal was fabulous. We're still cleaning up leftovers!  :^)    How about you? Did you have a nice

2016-11-22 Bible Studies - Did the Jews Kill JESUS ?:

Hello Ray;    Jesus' death was a collaborative effort between the Jews, specifically the Jewish religious leaders, and the Gentiles. If the Jewish religious leaders hadn't arrested Him to start with the

2016-11-16 Bible Studies - Celebrating Christmas:

Thanks, Ray, for writing and your wishes for me and family.  Sincere and regular prayer is one important key to progressing in the Christian way of life.  Beseech the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth

2016-11-10 Philosophy - Is morality a human invention or do we all have somewhat of a built in moral compass:

Great question.  Some philosophers, like the early Sophists in ancient Greece through the modern era with David Hume, and to a great extent, have argued that most human knowledge is learned from experience

2016-11-10 Bible Studies - Religion and christianity:

The short answer is "yes".  For example, in Acts when Paul was talking to King Agrippa, he noted the objection that religious leaders had against Jesus and specifically mentioned the religion of the Pharisees


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