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2017-01-16 Scientology - Social Media:

I think it makes little difference, doesn't it?    There is objective evidence that habituation changes the brain, that practice and experience build some areas and allow others to wither.  Whether the

2017-01-15 Scientology - Social Media:

Social media is just a tool. It provides leverage.  And as such, I think it tends to amplify the communication and the personality traits of the users.  Like anything, it provides a path toward addiction

2016-12-19 Scientology - Awareness Characteristics:

My take on Power on all 8 Dynamics would be very high and sustained level of rapidity of particle flow in all domains of survival (self, creativity/family, groups, mankind, all living things, spirituality

2016-12-18 Scientology - Modifying Bodies:

Reality is agreement.  What is real is what we agree upon between us.  I perceive an apple that's red, juicy, crisp; you perceive an apple that's red, juicy, crisp.  It's real.  I mold clay into a mug

2016-11-17 Scientology - god:

God is defined in Scientology as the author of the universe, the infinite, the prime mover unmoved.  God is conceived of as having been the original source of theta.  There is no Scientology dogma concerning


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