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2017-02-17 Scientology - SRD:

Well, I've had plenty of experience with finishing an action and having the gains continue to build, mature or "settle in" afterward, but so far this has never required taking time off (more than a few

2017-02-17 Scientology - enquiry:

My view is that your fear of the workplace is real, and needs to be remedied.    My view also is that if one can find an perform a job that will meets one's needs for food, clothing, lodging and transportation

2017-02-15 Scientology - enquiry:

Of course, per the agreements of the greater society to whose membership he subscribes, it is out ethics.  More exactly, it is "immoral" as morality is defined by societal agreements, while ethics is defined

2017-02-15 Scientology - enquiry:

It's impossible for me to say.  Every case is different.  I think IN GENERAL that as long as a person is moving in the right directions, trying to improve and succeeding at that, they would be able to

2017-02-15 Scientology - enquiry:

Hi Val,    I'm inbetween existentialism and "eternal recurrence" as my two beliefs.    I believe over eternity, everything recycles forever, and that every single thing transforms, over eternity, into


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