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2017-03-07 Scientology - Evolving:

There are no end to the experiences happening to anyone who has completed any service.  Physical, mental, emotional changes kind of go with the territory.    You change your outlook, start practicing more

2017-02-26 Scientology - Music and tone:

My fundamental Theory is good, but my technical music reading is weak (I know how to read time signatures, clefs, note values - whole, half, quarter, eighth etc., the positions on the staff, know things

2017-02-26 Scientology - Music and tone:

I know a ton of Scientologist musical performers, and nearly every Scientologist I know is at least somewhat musical.  Of course, I come from an extended family of 3 generations of Scientologists, most

2017-02-26 Scientology - Good or bad?:

Thanks.  I don't know that people "love" me, but is does seem my credibility is mostly intact, and people don't seem to be afraid to, or put off from, asking me questions.  But one hopes that should be

2017-02-25 Scientology - Good or bad?:

Things humans do:  1) Bottling up communication, failing to acknowledge, or going on and on talking when no one is listening or wants to hear.  2) Insisting that things can't be solved (or insisting on


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