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2016-10-26 Scientology - Scientology and psychiatry:

In his early writings, Ron spoke of treating people who were in an active psychotic break and therefore a clear danger to themselves and/or others, with peace, quiet, isolation, serene and safe surroundings

2016-10-22 Scientology - Beauty:

I'll quote from page 42 of "Scientology 0-8."    "DO NOT GET BEAUTY entangled here with LOVE or anything else but beauty. Beauty is a wavelength closely resembling theta or a harmony approximating theta

2016-10-21 Scientology - Trump:

I would put him in the "truly dangerous" category.  Anyone who associates with him is in danger.  He views the entire universe as conspiring against him, he is at war with it, and he will do whatever he

2016-10-16 Scientology - What is Greatness?:

A trap is a situation you get into willingly, find you don't like or can't control what's happening when you are there, and then you can't get out.    The invitation to hate is a trap because it feeds

2016-10-15 Scientology - Trump:

The Church would not do such an evaluation.    For my own edification, however, I have done one using the Hubbard Shart of Human Evaluation and the traits of social and anti-social personalities.  I personally


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