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2017-03-19 Auditing - Cash From Trust:

Lisa,  You are probably over thinking this. Unless you make lots (20-100) transactions over $10k you will not be noticed. I would file your taxes as you usually do, the IRS will notify you if they have

2017-03-04 Oracle - Course Guidance Need..:

Hi Rajesh,    This depends on what you are interested in focusing your education. Oracle technologies spam a vast library of similar and mutually exclusive solutions.    In each subject area, there are

2017-01-23 Data Management & Storage - IFF statements:

You start off with the highest value, then the next highest etc. So the expression I gave you says:    If quality is greater than 97.5, return 5, otherwise test to see if its greater than 95, if yes, return

2017-01-23 Data Management & Storage - IFF statements:



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