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2016-11-16 Cigars - NewAir CC-300 odor:

Hello F Gaddo,    Usually if you leave the humidor open for about a week, the smell should naturally dissipate.  If the smell remains, there are two solutions that you can try that I find are very effective

2016-11-10 Cigars - Wolf Brothers Sweet Rum Crooks:

They can be re-humidified while in their original cellophane; just as they can dry out through it they can also absorb humidity through it. There just isnít much of a market for them. If you are selling

2016-11-03 Cigars - Wolf Brothers Sweet Rum Crooks:

Barry,    Sorry for the late response. If the cigars have been stored in a humidified condition they should be in good shape to smoke. If not, they are most likely very dry and brittle. If that is the

2016-10-18 Cigars - Xikar travel humidor & distilled water:

Rad,    I apologize for the late response, I just got back from the Dominican Republic and I forgot to change my settings on the site to show that I was away.    You can use distilled water in the Xikar

2016-09-26 Cigars - Freezing Cigars:

Hello again, again!    Thompson, Vinotemp, Vigilant and NewAir are reputable companies that make excellent electric humidors of varying size and prices.  Shipping costs direct from North America might


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