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2017-01-19 Cigars - Humidor question:

Hi Daniel,    It seems you did everything right. I would take the packs out and leave the humidor empty and closed every day until your humidity stabilizes to 65%-70%. Usually, it takes about 3 days to

2017-01-19 Cigars - Humidor Reading:

Hi Daniel,    Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong with your humidor or the seasoning process. Sometimes it's not uncommon for the humidity to be slightly higher than normal even after you've done

2017-01-02 Cigars - Humidor:

Hello Angelina, this is not a humidor for cigars. It is a pipe station/valet. The drawer and box are there for the purpose of storing the pipe tools and  accoutrements. I'm uncertain of the retail value

2016-12-16 Cigars - Xikar Crystals & NewAir CC-300:

Hello again F. Gaddo,    I think you should try adding more crystals first and it that doesn't help, you can then add the Cigar Oasis Plus.  As a general rule of thumb, you should start off with 1/2 cup

2016-11-16 Cigars - NewAir CC-300 odor:

Hello F Gaddo,    Usually if you leave the humidor open for about a week, the smell should naturally dissipate.  If the smell remains, there are two solutions that you can try that I find are very effective


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