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2016-10-18 Cigars - Xikar travel humidor & distilled water:

Rad,    I apologize for the late response, I just got back from the Dominican Republic and I forgot to change my settings on the site to show that I was away.    You can use distilled water in the Xikar

2016-09-26 Cigars - Freezing Cigars:

Hello again, again!    Thompson, Vinotemp, Vigilant and NewAir are reputable companies that make excellent electric humidors of varying size and prices.  Shipping costs direct from North America might

2016-09-26 Cigars - Freezing Cigars:

Hello again,    They are all similar in performance and function so it's really personal preference. I personally prefer thermo-electric but compressor units perform equally well so it depends on what

2016-09-26 Cigars - Freezing Cigars:

Hello F Gaddo    To answer your questions:    1/Yes, I highly recommend a thermo-electric humidor if you live in a hot and dry place. A thermo-electric humidor is the best option as it will be easy to

2016-09-07 Cigars - flavored cigars:

Joseph,    I'm so sorry for being so late in responding to your question. Unfortunately, the Ornellas factory is no longer in existence and none of their products are being manufactured by anyone as far


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