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2016-12-10 Civil Engineering - warning in SAP2000:

Dear Filip    For modal analysis you have to choose a number of mode to be contributed to the calaculation. This number cant be bigger than the number of mass degree of freedom. For example for a 2 story

2016-11-23 Civil Engineering - Etabs Beams Deflections:

Hi Murali,    For that you will need to split the beams into 2 or more sections and then display the node deflections, which can be exported to Excel.    Alternatively, you can view the beam deflections

2016-11-15 Civil Engineering - shear wall modelling in ETABS:

Dear Omr    I suggest you to model your system in two steps. In the first  model the entire structure together ( beam + column + shear wall). After the analysis being finished you register  the deflections

2016-11-11 Civil Engineering - thesis topic:

Dear Mohi      I suggest these topics:    1- Viscoelastic architectural materials to increase the vibration damping of buildings ( in seismic effects) .  2- increaing the viscoelastic properties of concrete

2016-11-11 Civil Engineering - shear wall modelling in ETABS:

Dear priyantha    There is no way to model the eccentrencity of the wall axis with respect to the beam and column but you can control and modify the members after checking the results to reduce the weakness


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