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2017-03-15 Civil Engineering - Tie beam:

Dear Ravi    Dubei is not a prone to earthquake location . Then it is not so critical to follow seismic details. If you have forgotten all tie beams it is crucial to modify through damaging the cast columns

2017-03-07 Civil Engineering - Assign rigid zone factor in ETABS:

Dear Priyantha    A structural model is based on set of nodes , lines , areas and volumes, visually. In the case of a frame lines are representing the frame elements. In fact elements are not lines . They

2017-02-28 Civil Engineering - modes period too high:

Hi Ravi,    You have a modelling problem in that some connectivity has been lost. View the self weight or Dead deformation, increase the scale and animate. You should see one or more members deflecting

2017-02-28 Civil Engineering - New slab extension to old slab:

Hi Ahsan,    In this case you will need to design and cast an RC beam along the edge of the old slab for full length of courtyard and ensure this beam is supported at both ends by walls. Half of the width

2017-02-20 Civil Engineering - draining a portion of river(cofferdam):

Hi Roy,    No, as I said, the canvas will be the layer stopping the water and it needs to line the rock dam's upstream slope, which needs to be between 30-45 degrees slope from the horizontal. Depends


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