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2017-03-22 1st Amendment and Free Speech - Re: Questions:

Tinker did seem to make clear that at least expression that was quiet, passive, non-disruptive and did not impinge on the rights of others would be protected, in that case wearing arm bands.  However,

2017-03-22 1st Amendment and Free Speech - Re: Questions:

Gitlow and Schenk both allowed the punishment of speech deemed dangerous to society generally.  Both decisions leave a huge amount of discretion up to to the judge to determine what could be banned, so

2017-03-19 1st Amendment and Free Speech - Free speech and the President:

Jennifer,    Hello.  That is a strange story in your local paper.  I have never heard of nor have found any incident that supports what you have heard.  However, you are correct that personal like or dislike

2017-03-19 1st Amendment and Free Speech - Freedom of speech and Donald Trump:

Hello,    While it certainly seems to be against the spirit of the First Amendment, there is a long tradition of allowing the Congress and President to reject entry into the US for reasons of ideology

2017-03-14 2nd Amendment and Right to - In Pennsylvania is it legal to own a pistol with a felon in the household:

While I am not an attorney and cannot comment on specific legal issues, especially those outside my own state of NY, I will note that this issue came up with well-known convicted felon (and Prohibited


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