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2017-02-18 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - parallel fifths:

Hello Hank, and thanks for being patient.    Why on earth would a series of consecutive first inversions be forbidden?  Of course they aren't.    Are we talking about SATB harmony?  Because that's the

2017-02-16 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - Melody Writing and Modulation:

Hello Rebekah,    My immediate reaction on reading your question is to recommend you think in terms of 16 bars rather than 12 as you'll find it easier - the ear likes symmetry and it's easier to think

2017-02-03 Classical Music - Classical music tells a story:

I am flattered that you think enough of my answers that you want me to do your homework for you.      One of the thing homework teaches is HOW to learn; the homework assignment content is just the vehicle

2017-01-25 Classical Music - Bach Cello Suite #1:

 Thank you for doing due diligence before submitting your question to me.  I very much appreciate your courtesy.    ~~    There are no stupid questions.  Ever.  Only people who are afraid to look stupid

2017-01-20 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - theory:

Hi Hank,    Well, your progression Db-Cb-Gb-Db is indeed in the myxolydian mode. I didn't mention this before because I was not aware that you are familiar with modes. Few people are. As you know, we can


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