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2016-10-03 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - satb:

Dear Henrik,    Thanks for your questions.     1. As to the SATB query, you refer I think to a parallel fourth. The issue here is whether it sounds OK. The only reason that we don't write parallel fifths

2016-08-22 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - musical analysis:

Hello Andrew - good to hear from you again.    Your terminology is a little muddled, so let's clear that up.  Harmonic analysis means looking at a sequence of chords and identifying how they relate to

2016-08-21 Classical Music - ID question:

Oh, boy!    I've never heard it before.  It sounds like ballet music.  Russian, maybe.  I have a friend who used to play for ballet rehearsals.  I'll send her the link.  Otherwise, we're dead in the water

2016-08-08 Classical Music - Kindermusik:

HI  Kindermusik is a direct translation of Children's Music.I don't know anything about this. The nearest I can come to a classical version is "The Toy Symphony" by Leopold Mozart.  There is a website


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