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2016-09-30 Literature - Hamlet:

Hello Stephanie,    You can only really do a perfect analysis if you have a very high level of knowledge. One of the crucial bits of knowledge is that the idea of "purgatory" was done away with in Protestantism

2016-09-20 Literature - Number of words:

Hello!    Thanks for the straightforward question!     There is a great article on Wikipedia about this, actually, and it mentions a variety of professional sources to come to the word counts it presents

2016-09-08 Literature - Annapurna:

Hello    While I wouldn't take my word for it - and I am an expert on literature, not so much book values, it looks like a first edition of this book in good condition is averaging less than $4    http://www

2016-07-27 Literature - how to understand a novel:

Hello Essi    I am happy you are starting where you are - I have also read a most of Atwood and Franzen, but I have not read Purity yet.     This is a relatively big question, and of course there are many

2016-07-25 Literature - Psychology and literary criticism:

Hello Jacob    Psychoanalytic criticism tends to capture many elements of psychology, and also some cross-discipline elements such as the overlap of Jung's archetypes (Man and His Symbols) which then were


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