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2017-03-21 Food Safety Issues - Cocoa Powder:

Hi KC,    I didn't know the answer to your question so I reached out to a friend of mine who is an award-winning chocolatier in St. Louis for his opinion.  Here's what he said:    "I donít know for sure

2017-03-19 Internet Safety - Porn being posted on Yahoo! Answers.:

Unfortunately, My answer for you is to report, report and report again. At present, all social media platforms are ill equipped to dealing with sexual content involving minors, hardcore pornography and

2017-03-14 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Caccx Ranger 8900 DL alarm:

Hello Sherry, and thanks for writing.    First, let me apologize for being so long in answering. Every once in a while the notification from All Experts fails for some reason, until I get a follow-up notice

2017-03-12 Travel Safety - Handicap travel:

Janice,  As I am sure you are finding, there is neither an easy or inexpensive solution to this challenge. The easiest way for her to travel will be with a companion of some sort. Either a family member

2017-03-10 Food Safety Issues - Consumer Safety-Postal Irradiation Practicess:

I wouldn't be concerned at all about this. There is no documented risk associated with postal irradiation practices and frankly I doubt it is even done routinely. Probably done possibly if something is


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