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2016-09-18 Food Safety Issues - Pasteurization:

Pasteurization lowers the risk of contamination by bacteria associated with food poisoning. It is essential when you are talking about high risk items like milk. Consuming raw milk, milk that has not been

2016-09-17 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Security System 1550 Low Battery Light:

Hello Rhonda, and thanks for your question.    There are a few things you can check.    First, let's make sure your batter is the right one; just have a peek at the specs written on the battery. It should

2016-09-05 Security & Fire Protection Systems - protection 1 codes on panel type k3743 m6829:

Tim,    Protection One has used a lot of different panels. I will need to narrow in on which panel it might be in order to help you. If you look at the main control box, which will most likely be located

2016-09-03 Travel Safety - car seats for school run:

To start, I need to know what year the Pajero is. From some of the seat belt descriptions you provided, I am going to guess early to mid 2000's. Exact year will help, though country of build and market

2016-08-31 Transportation and Vehicle Safety - Cross Walk:

Hi James,    The simple answer is, it depends.  Each state writes its own laws concerning motor vehicles.  Here in Pennsylvania, the law doesn't actually give anyone the right of way - it just says who


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