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2016-10-10 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Lifesaver Smoke Alarm Model 1225:

HEllo Larry.    You probably won't find another detector to fit both the base and connector for your smoke detector.    But if there's an electrical box to which the old detector base was mounted (either

2016-10-09 Internet Safety - Children and cell phones:

Dear Ms. Joseph,     Thank you for writing and your question is timely given it is National Bullying Prevention Month here in the United States. In the Information Age, bullying and cyberbullying walk

2016-10-07 Security & Fire Protection Systems - CELL PHONE AND SECURITY SYSTEMS:

Hello Kenny.    The security system will attempt to dial out on whatever type of system to which it is connected. Cellular, land line, VoIP. The "pivotal point" depends on the type of phone service being

2016-10-03 Internet Safety - Children and cell phones:

Dear Ms. Joseph, Thank you for writing in and you ask an excellent question regarding the recommended age for children to be given cell phones. The first consideration is whether the cell phone is internet

2016-10-02 Food Safety Issues - Meat packaging material:

This isn't the first time I've heard of this happening. The absorbent pad, called a soaker, isn't going to hurt you. It will be passed in your feces when you go to the bathroom. If you develop any symptoms


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