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2016-08-09 Moody Blues - Higher & Higher Magazine:

Hi Evyonne,    This is really a great question, and unfortunately, I don't have a real definitive answer for you.  Unlike the Beatles, the Moodies don't have an "official" price guide for their memorabilia

2016-07-25 AC/DC - AC/DC opening band:

Hi Tim,    To answer your question, AC/DC did not perform at the Toledo Sports Arena during their For Those About To Rock Tour. They did, however perform there during their 1985 Fly On The Wall tour, with

2016-07-20 Doors, The (Jim Morrison) - Mary Werbelow:

Last time I heard via an article a Florida newspaper, she was actually living alone in a small trailer park near Thousand Oaks Ca.  It was a shallow interview and revealed very little more than was already


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