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2017-03-28 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Incorrect Filing of LLC:

Debbie,    Thanks for your question.    Normally, when a husband and wife are joint owners of a partnership, they are permitted to file the results on a separate Schedule C for each of them.     However

2017-03-27 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Excess 529 distribution:

Jay,    Thanks for your question.    She does not have to file a tax return, as her income is under the threshold for filing.     I am not an expert on NJ tax, but I assume the same would apply, as state

2017-03-23 Collections Law - Timeshare:

I think the consequences can be:  1) Possibly negative reporting on a credit report.  2) Possibly having the unit foreclosed on you and possibly have that reported to the credit bureaus. If it is reported

2017-03-20 Employment Law - Employees Not Paid:

If you are not paid on time and there is not a good response at the meeting to explain you can contact your local Department of Labor and  file a claim for unpaid wages.    Here is the New York law on

2017-03-20 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Housing allowance.:

Randy,    Thanks for your question.     If you are ordained, your housing allowance is limited to actual amounts spent for housing or the fair market rental value. It must be designated in advance by n


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