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2017-01-31 Nephrology - Is my kidney pain/soreness due to vitamin D?:

Kenny,    Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.    I haven't come across any patients or any relevant literature in peer reviewed journals about Vitamin D causing kidney pain. However, the pain needs

2017-01-09 Nephrology - Trace Protein in Urine:

Scott,    Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.    Trace protein in urine usually is benign and should not be a cause for concern. For peace of mind, however, you may ask your primary care provider

2016-12-14 Nephrology - Hydronephrosis:

Erik,    Thanks for following up with me.    As I mentioned earlier, every effort must be done to relieve the obstruction. Having two kidneys does not mean that obstruction in one of them should be taken

2016-12-13 Nephrology - Hydronephrosis:

Hi Erik,    Thanks for asking my opinion on "Allexperts"    Hydronephrosis suggests an obstruction in the urinary tract on that side. Please get yourself evaluated by a Urologist and relieve the obstruction


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