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2016-12-05 Mexican Law - Notificaions por Edictos:

If a US judge will be the one to go on with a divorce trial, he will have to determinate, according US law, the way to notify him about the case.  In mexican law there is a way to notify him via edictos

2016-12-03 German Law - Applying for citizenship during stay abroad:

Hello Marion,    you can avoid losing the permanent residence permit by returning to Germany at least once every 6 months.    But that won't mean that you are still a resident in Germany.    For residence

2016-12-02 Indian Law - PSU Service agreement:

It is fully at the discretion of the management to transfer an employee to any of its units.However,an employee has right to resign from the service of the company any time by complying with  the conditions

2016-12-01 German Law - asylum rejection but has appeal by by my law.but but want to get marry:

You can get married to your girlfriend if you can manage to do it in time before you would be deported.    Traditionally, the easiest place to get married in the EU is Denmark.    Based on your claim that

2016-11-30 Mexican Law - Bigamy:

Yo estimo que cualquiera puede hacer la denuncia porque es un hecho evidente.  Lo que si es cierto, es que si el señor muere, usted es su esposa legalmente y tendría derecho a incluso heredar sus bienes


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