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Gifted Children

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2017-03-21 Gifted Children - don't know what i do with my son:

       Yes, it's ok, as long as he is enjoying the writing and reading. He's a little too young to require it of him.    Here is an article about discipline. One of the very best, most important things

2017-03-07 Gifted Children - don't know what i do with my son:

Your English is fine, your message is not too long. You are doing the right thing when you write to me. I want to do some checking around for the best teaching material for your son. Do you want to teach

2017-03-04 Gifted Children - Possible eidetic memory?:

 Child Dev. 1976 Dec;47(4):1207-10.    The incidence of eidetic imagery as a function of age.    Giray EF, Altkin WM, Vaught GM, Roodin PA.    Abstract    Many theorists suggest that eidetic imagery is

2017-02-14 Gifted Children - Understanding CogAT ability profile:

Reena    What a lucky girl your DD is to have such a caring and insightful parent!    The CogAT is a useful tool to help identify children's abilities across certain domains. As you noticed, this test

2017-02-08 Gifted Children - Telling a child he is gifted?:

So glad to know we have connected in a way to support your sweet child's learning, growth, and development. At our nonprofit, Orchard Human Services, we provide simple solutions to help schools and parents


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