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Gifted Children

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2016-11-12 IQ Tests - how do you think about those online mensa iq test:

Dear pui     Sorry for the delay. Not all mensa in tests are accurate because not all those test coming from Mensa itself but from anyone try to have more audience in his/her website. Mensa actually has

2016-10-08 Gifted Children - Is my son is gifted ? How can i improve his skills:

Thank you for your patience.    Your child will never lack for intellectual stimulation. When he starts school, if you decide to home school, you can look at advanced programs for home. There are also

2016-10-03 Gifted Children - Excitement in child:

It would be helpful to have some additional information. Can you tell me more about what you mean by too excited and unable to control - what are the behaviors he shows at those times; please tell me more


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