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2017-01-19 Urology - urine pH:

Lee    You are looking for perfect answers when they do not exist. Every medication has potential side effects but would you turn down antibiotics for a bad infection?     Dairy has Calcium which is good

2017-01-18 Urology - urine pH:

Lee    Potassium citrate is the best way to increase urinary pH and citrate levels. Lemon juice is a good source of citrate but your response was exceptionally good.    There is no purely dietary way to

2017-01-18 Urology - Consultation:

Bassem:    Prostate appears to be normal sized given age. It is just slightly larger than the standard 35 grams. Cialis 5 mg daily has been shown to help with urinary symptoms of prostate enlargement such

2017-01-18 Urology - Kidney Stone:

Dan:    First, this may or not be a stone. Not even an expert can tell just from symptoms. An aortic aneurysm can simulate a stone in some cases.    You need to have it checked by a physician. Most stones

2017-01-17 Urology - Difficulty urinating in morning only:

Joe:    You need a stool softener.  The hard stool is pressing on the prostate and compressing the urethra resulting in an effective obstruction.  That is why things are better after the BM.  You could


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