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2016-12-07 Urology - Perineum pain:

Scott    Prostatitis is one possibility, but the hot baths would likely be helping more than you've indicated. I suspect it may be nerve related. Talk to your physician to see which option is more likely

2016-12-07 Urology - Erection problem:

James    Your urologist is correct. Intermittent problems like you describe are typical of psychological issues. If hormones, vascular disease or damaged tissue were involved, then things would be broken

2016-12-06 Urology - stones:

Gulu    Kidney stones are among the most excrutiating and severe pain known. The vast majority of stones are made of calcium salts and are extremely hard. Only a very few like are made of pure uric acid

2016-12-04 Urology - Stone removal and TURP during a single surgery:

Dan    Measuring the prostate volume is not necessary since he has already done the cystoscopy. That is the measurement that matters. An overnight stay after TURP is standard. We are not allowed underFederal

2016-12-04 Urology - Can't void my bladder for 3 days:

Catherine    Sorry, but you need to immediately see your physician or go to an Emergency Room. If you have not voided in 3 days, either the bladder is over-distended and in retention, or the kidneys are


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