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2016-10-18 Urology - una duda.....:

Anton:    These numbers seem way off.  In the US, our normal range is around 4 ng/ml or less so I find it hard to interpret levels up to 3,200 that are called "normal".  I'm sorry but I cannot analyze

2016-10-17 Urology - bumps in my urethra:

Micha,     Sorry, but it's not possible to be sure of the diagnosis from only your brief description. One possibility is genital warts but it could also be a caruncle. Both can appear somewhat like your

2016-10-16 Urology - utis:

Howard    Maybe, maybe not. A thorough look for etiology call factors needs to be done. High residuals? Prostatitis?  Stones? If you are getting the same bacteria with the same sensitivities, then the

2016-10-16 Urology - Loss of erections and no libido:

Jose    It is unlikely you did any permanent damage, but cannot be certain. Obviously, some degree if damage is theoretically possible. Loss of libido may or not be related, but a simple blood test for

2016-10-14 Urology - Ureteroscopy:

Lee    A nocturnal emission will not cause a problem.    10 days is a little long for a Stent in an uncomplicated ureteroscopy as 5 days is more common.    There is no reason why ejaculation should be


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