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2017-02-22 Urology - High PSA Levels.:

Jahanzaib:    I am unable to open or read the reports you sent and so I cannot comment on them.  Either find another way to post them here, such as sending them as a picture, or retype them and send them

2017-02-22 Urology - catherer:

Howard    I am not sure I understand your question, but when intermittent catheterization is done properly, the infection rate us low; less than 5%. Twice a day is not usually often enough. Most patients

2017-02-20 Urology - Constant dysuria , uroculture negative.:

Amuneth"    A cystoscopy could help. In some cases like this, a urinary antiseptic like mandelamine is useful since no resistance developed. Also try dome extra vitamin c to acidity the urine and vagina

2017-02-20 Urology - swollen meatus:

Hugo    I really cannot determine the nature of your condition from the information provided. Zittingfor prolonged periods suggests prostatitis which does not usually. affect the head of the penis. I would

2017-02-19 Urology - urinalysis:

Jan    A urinalysis us not intended to check for fisbetes so you cannot be sure. Uncontrolled diabetes will often spill or leak glucose into the urine but that only happens me when the glucose level in


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