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2017-03-26 Urology - Duodart side-effects:

Arthur    There are many potential causes for ED. Duodart can cause ED but it usually stops when the medication is terminated. Permanent ED from Duodart would be very uncommon. The medicine stays in the

2017-03-26 Urology - clear viscour fluid:

Shashank    The fluid is probably just peri- urethral gland secretions, similar to pre'cum but it's not possible to be sure it isn't something else such as an infection. Even if it is, infertility is extremely

2017-03-24 Urology - Urge to urinate:

Ian    It may be remotely possible for your problem to be caused by an anal fissure, but that would be very odd and unusual. I cannot say what the cause if your problem except that intermittent problems

2017-03-22 Urology - ED as a result of trauma:

Bryson    Any type of injury is possible suhave as damage to nerves, blood vessels or even the erection bodies directly.    Giving "suggestions" to your urologist may not be welcomed.    There should no

2017-03-17 Urology - feverish/prostatitis:

Joe:    Not everyone with prostate issues has more urinations at night than in the daytime.  It has to do with fluid production by the kidneys and the presence of absence of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone)


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