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2017-03-03 Foreclosure - Cost basis after foreclosure:

Hi David.     I buy non performing notes from banks and foreclose on them and sell it as an reo or keep it as a rental. And my basis is what I bought it for not what the original loan amount was. Even

2017-02-08 Foreclosure - Lender Using Insurance Claim to Pay Mortgage:

Hey Natalie,    Unfortunately your lender has the right to that check in the terms of the note that you signed when you bought the property or refinanced the property. Your options are to sell the property

2017-02-02 Foreclosure - Real estate auction company:

Hey Art,    there are companies that now teach how to use I would always warn a buyer on any property to beware. Maybes advice is to use and agent in the area that you are buying in and they


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