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2016-10-20 ASP.NET - microsoft sql server vs sql server localdb:

Hi,    it's all depending upon the web site you are planning to do.  If you are doing simple small web site with few pages.    If you are doing any ecommerce or any other credit card info etc.  then you

2016-06-13 C# - Diff BW Assembly and Namespac:

An Assembly can contain many namespaces. A dll is an assembly    As I said a namespace is for logical seperation. Suppose You create a class for a calculator and call it Calc. At the same time your friend

2016-06-05 C# - diff b/w specifier and modifier.:

they are not  the same    Access specifiers: The access specifier determines how accessible the field is to code in other classes. Access ranges from totally accessible to totally inaccessible. You can


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